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I admit that I have not been on much lately due to being busy at work but this place seems slow compared to the fast pace highly used board we had a few years back.

This place used to be hopping and the place to have great racing talk find news you heard first here normally.

What can we all do as fans do to get that energy back here. I think Short track racing needs it. What are your thoughts.

:ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004: no more :smilie_bett:


…Cricket, Cricket, Cricket…

blame Facebook

It seems to me that it comes down to particpatin’.

If you want activity, then, um, be active. When I say “you” I mean all y’all. And back and forth dialog is good for interesting reading.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like it, well, it shakes out to “it is what it is”.

I look at Karnac as a fun place to kick the ball around and float ideas that may be helpful to someone somewhere.

The trick to that deal is to have zero expectations regarding actual change, and then not be disappointed if the status quo remains the same.

I agree the board has lost its zest. As one of the “Old Timer’s” that was involved in the fun times (Back in the day), I don’t see my old friends that helped me stir the shitz from time to time… I would start something and they would pick up on it and move it forward and then toss it back to me… we had everyone checking in to see who was saying what now… those were the fun times and everyone was watching… for some reason, the jest isn’t there anymore… don’t know why… Jack enjoyed our antics as his listener numbers were always up there… he let us get away with murder with the name calling etc… it was all in fun…

What say you - Boneman?

Where’s[SIZE=“6”] Bobby Diehl [/SIZE]when you need him?

Boneman has been out scouting up a new body for the sprint car:

(I think he hired a “model” for the pic, though)

[QUOTE=OldSchool+;177437]Boneman has been out scouting up a new body for the sprint car:

(I think he hired a “model” for the pic, though)[/QUOTE]

Is that Terry Mock?

Well, i know I am in the minority, but I don’t do Facebook. I think at least a part of the blame is the overall lack of interest in motorsports these days.

OK, I’ll start one and see what kind of response we get, Crate Late Models

From the: “…and I thought I was bored” department…

Karnac?..WTH??..I thought this was the OldSchool++++ forum…my bad.


“this place seems slow…” --SSR2, orginal thread premise

“If you [the Karnac Community at Large] want activity, then, um, be active.”–OS+ ( I tries to do my part.)

That certainly includes you, Jones. Feel free to join in as often if you like.

No telling, perhaps something good will head your way.

You know, through:
[SIZE=“4”]os?mo?sis[/SIZE] --the process of gradual or unconscious assimilation of ideas, knowledge, etc

OJ…dang…blast from the past…good to see the name again

Glad to see you all still around.

What would you all like to see me post more of for racing news and help start conversation.

To be honest I do a lot on Social media but if you all tell me what you would like to see here or think would help get this a little more active again i will do it each week when i prepare for our radio show.

Lets have Fun on Karnac message board again come on everyone. I will help do the leg work tell me what you want to see and we can talk about.


Certainly a message board is different than a news article.

Seems like a thread with a controversial title can get things rolling (sometimes).


“Who is the most obnoxious, Kurt Busch or Kevin Harvick?” Or,

“What do ABC bodies and the US government have in common (they both require deficit spending and still aren’t quite right)?”

In your case, perhaps highlight any conflict that occurred during the week, as that seems to resonate with the fans, and might spark more activity.

Only if it seems reasonable and appropriate for your deal, of course.