Sprint cars at All-Tech

I made it over to All-Tech Raceway for the first time on Saturday to check out the new Southeastern Sprint Car Series. What a neat track!

For a big half mile, it almost looks like Martinsville with 150 truckloads of dirt on it (I never made it over here when it was Columbia Motorsports Park, so maybe it used to race like Martinsville, too).

The new(er) ownership keeps the place really clean, provided a great PA sound system, and had some pretty reasonable concession offerings. Heat races in all divisions with the slower cars starting up front made for some great racing.

Oh, and this wingless, allegedly-410-sprint car series. Sure, there were only 12 cars and only 3 good ones, but the leaders put on a hell of a show that rivaled any of the sprint car races (winged or not) I’ve seen over Speedweeks. Just two guys at the front with no grip throwing haymakers at each other, running all over each other. They were having a blast – congrats to Shane Butler for the win.

All-Tech had about 12 cars in their house divisions – C-Class Late Models (just call them 602 Sportsman), E-Mods (looked like nice mods to me), and two classes of Camaros and Monte Carlos. The slick conditions made for a lot of spins and cautions, which made for a late night. If they started the racing at 8 instead of 7, we could have gotten out of there at a reasonable time.

Regardless, this is a track to put on your list if you haven’t been. Bring a camping chair as the concrete slab grandstands are plenty wide enough for them.

Not in total agreement about the Martinsville similarities but agree it is a great track with a great owner who knows how to work the dirt like nobody I’ve ever seen.

Looking at the overhead, I’d say you’re right, Lurkin. The turns are a bit more sweeping. And you’re right about the surface. I’d really like to see some SLMs or winged sprints there.