Steven Hollinger Makes it to victory lane

Son of one of the all times greats on this board Boneman makes it to victory lane.

Steven Scores his first win in the Tq’s at 4-17 Southern Speedway.

One proud dad was with him after the race





Way to go Steven! Look at the smile on Rex, No doubt we have a proud Dad on our hands.

Congratulations to both Steven and Rex!

Great young man

Every one that has been around Steven, knows he is a great guy. Hard working and a quick learner. Good job Steven !!

Congrats to Steven, and Thank You for posting this and the photos.

Ditto on all the above comments…The Boneman et family are great peps…OSF

Thanks for the pix Robert! Yeah, I was really pleased that the kid broke through after several second place finishes.

I have to say that I am impressed with the TQ class. That is the GREATEST bang for the buck in short track racing. They are very inexpensive and faster than most classes.

Very cool!! Congrats!!