3/07 Citrus County Pace Car Incident

Do we know if this is legit?

Cue it up about the 55 second mark.

There is something odd about the photography. The blue car involved appears to disappear and then reappear.


It appears (miraculously) that no one was hurt.

Can anyone confirm?

It is legit.While not their personally a friend of mine I usually sit with at Citrus County was and texted me about it while I was at Showtime.The track announcer at Showtime mentioned it shortly after also.I guess they had a couple cars go over the wall at the pit entrance in a feature as well.

while that was bad and thankfully no one was hurt, I think the real story is that only 10 Sprint Cars were there.
What happened to all pavement Sprint Cars???

I’m glad I didn’t make the 6 hour round trip drive to see that small field… :ernaehrung004:

I’m not sure but the pay is still the same as it was 30 years ago, that might be a factor on the sprint car count.

As far as that crash…DAAAAAMNNNN!!!