What dose everyone think of the Nascar Iracing

It seems to have mixed reviews either you like it or you do not. I have heard it called fake racing and Cartoon racing, but just what everyone’s thoughts were.

It seems to at least give us something to look forward to on Sunday’s right now.

It’s kind of like watching an old western with the wife and kids (or…grandkids, lol).

Good, but not as good as it was when it was new and you were in the back seat with your then wife-to-be at the drive in.

That said, I believe the racing was closer than the “real” thing would have been at Texas, and when Timmy pulled the “bump and run” it was realistic, and the fun was um, real.

And then there is Boyer, who is far funnier than Michael Waltrip these days.

It’s kind of fun to watch. I give them credit for putting on the best show they can these days.