Doing it for Dale? Just a thought towards Cleetus & Jr.

I don’t know how many have seen it but I just watched a show on the Motor Trend Network called Seduced by Speed.It was about Gary Balough and his life story.Hes been peddling a book I know, but watching it made a thought pop through my mind.Cleetus McFarland always talks about Doing it for Dale.Dale Junior has of course his podcast deal and some things that get broadcast on NBC Sports Network.How about somebody play middle man and get all of these old boys talking.Cleetus said he would hold oval racing “for the right guy”.Hello Mr.Earnhardt??I don’t know how Cleetus or Jr.feel about Ol hotshoes checkered past but a book signing appearance at a big race would have to put some extra butts in seats.The show also placed emphasis on Balough beating Earnhardt Sr. In their first race against each other.Does anybody know if Sr or Jr ever raced at Desoto? This could be a match made in heaven…

Yes Dale Sr did race at Desoto in the late 80?s
When Stimus owned it.