I guess I missed the memo

I was watching the start of the Indy 500 today and I have to admit it’s been several years since I’ve paid much attention to the Indy cars in general.But as I’m looking up at the screen I’m thinking did I turn on a hydroplane race? When did they turn the cockpit of an Indy car into one that resembles a hydroplane? I had never noticed that before.Im really not sure if that’s something that changed just this year or only at some specific tracks? Maybe somebody can enlighten me and wake me from my Indy Car sleepwalk.

I noticed that too not sure when that happened

It is for Driver’s Head Retention.

Both Formula Who Cares and Roger’s boys had been asking for it, amidst much grumbling from the apparently bloodthirsty peanut galleries, but in the end it was introduced at the beginning of 2020, I think.

FWC brought their even-uglier version on board at the beginning of 2018.


And in practice: