I Want My Account Back!

The work is pretty much over…

Things are calming down…

Suddenly, you yell at your screen…


Here are the instructions on how to recover your forum account:

If you had registered on the old forum, then your account should’ve been transferred to this forum. All you have to do is remember your account’s username or email address.

Step 1: Select "Log in" from the top menu

Step 2: Click "I forgot my password"


Step 3: Enter your account's username or email address from the old forum


Step 4: Click OK to exit the window

If you select Help, you will be presented with 3 tips for finding your email:

Email not arriving? Be sure to check your spam folder first.

Not sure which email address you used? Enter an email address and we’ll let you know if it exists here.

If you no longer have access to the email address on your account, please contact our helpful staff.

Step 5: Open your email inbox, find the email from "Real Racin' USA...", and click the 2nd link containing "password-reset"

Step 6: Enter a secure password, then click "Set Password"


Step 7: You're now logged in

You will only have to do this once, unless you forget your new password.

If you need assistance with getting your account back, such as you forgot your email or username, please contact our helpful staff.

Enjoy the forums!