Can anyone make the case for Kevin Harvick?

For those that have been under a rock (or a race car hood):

3 weeks or so Kevin Harvick and Chase Elliott were racing for the lead @ Bristol with Harvick on the low side. Who then got into Chase which cut down Chase’s tire. After Chase kind of shadow blocked–but did not cut Harvick off, it took the air off Harvick’s nose, Larson passed and went on to victory.

In my book, that equals Harvick as the original aggressor, and Elliott indicating that he was not going to put up with getting intentionally hit. Happens every weekend somewhere or three.

Then at the Charlotte roval Harvick clearly dumped Elliott intentionally, which I thought ended his Championship bid right then and there. But the team got the car sort of fixed, and he came back through the field. He was clearly hunting Harvick, and catching him.

Harvick was mirror driving, and as Chase closed in, both cars locked up their tires. Harvick slid into the wall, Chase made the turn.

The stands were screaming their approval to the person, and me with them.

Chase is in the next round, and Harvick is not.

Deservedly in my opinion. He hit the #9 twice, and Chase has not laid a bumper on him.

That is, Harvick --2 points, Elliott none in the crash-a-thon total.

The fact that Harvick took himself out is beside the point.

But he bravely apparently wants to continue “to get even”.

What an embarrassment for Tony, the Team, and the sponsors.

Perhaps he can get sponsorship with French’s Mustard or The Yellow Cab Company or etc in 2022.

Anyone –anyone– want to make the case for poor, poor Kevin? :cold_sweat:

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Absolutely none.Harvick is a punk who’s head has become too big.Im not a Chase fan particularly but I’m with him on that.

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