Give a listen and some feedback; Blacktop Red Clay and Rainy nights

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Beautiful! I have some slight suggestions for it:

  • The vocals are nice, but can use some small pitch correction (3-4 missed notes). If you’d like to go for FULL originality, you can skip this.
  • The vocals can use a small bass lift, a few dB will do fine.

Lyrics and instrumentation are very nice. The pitch being off a few cents adds a nice vintage touch.

How’d you record and arrange everything? I enjoy FL Studio :blush:

Thank you for the some of those questions I can’t really answer.Hopefully some more people will listen and respond.Once I get some more responses I will answer everybody’s questions.Thanks again.

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I didn’t know if you made it electronically in a music program, or if it was performed and arranged in a studio.

It was done in a studio not in Florida.And I can add the person singing is named Michael Gentry.

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