The Young Man who has 18 wins on the season and is TJ DeCaire Racing

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The Young Man who has 18 wins on the season and is TJ DeCaire Racing



TJ DeCire Racing

Every once in a while, we hear about something spectacular in the racing world. We discuss it, digest it, debate it, whatever the case may be. If we are very lucky, we get to actually witness something special while it is occurring.


Such is the case with TJ Decaire Racing and their sporty young shoe in 2022. If you have been paying attention to FL short track racing and Sunshine State Racing, you are well aware of the previous successes of this team. Karts and Legends, wins and championships in both.


We are only half way through the year and to say this team is on fire just will not do them justice or provide the credit that is deserved. This crew busts their tails on cars for TJ, and it isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes they roll off the trailer fast and the days seems effortless. Other times it is a real challenge and finding a handle on the car is a daunting task, and they must fight for everything.

The team started off quickly this year racking up a few wins early on. But it was the month of April that let us know that we were seeing something special. The team won an astounding 9 of 9 races in the legend car. I’m going to repeat that, 9 races, 9 wins! The legend community was firmly on notice that Decaire Racing was on the hunt for the national title. The local racers are paying attention as well. Some veteran FL racers are paying close attention, saying they know he will be a contender when he gets into full size cars. To late fellas. In his first pro late model race in NC, TJ qualified well and finished 3rd.


As of this article, the team has racked up 18 wins on the year. 18!! But wait, there’s more. They have 3 runner up finishes and a 3rd. The team has not finished lower than 3rd in any race so far this season.

This little family team from our home state, with their up-and-coming driver, are on an absolute tear. And not just at home, everywhere they go. Let’s be honest, they’re dominating at the moment. Sometime outright and sometimes with a little luck. But a win is a win and I believe the old saying applies here, “luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. This team is always prepared and if things go sideways, they find a way to win when the opportunity presents itself. They were self admittedly not a winning car last weekend. TJ fought to get up as high as he could and after a late race incident took out the leaders, well, you know, they were there to make the most of an opportunity and grabbed another victory.


They have won more races this year than most win in their lifetime. And if they don’t win another race this year, we will still be talking about this season for years to come. This team is showing no signs of slowing down though. It is business as usual for them.


As good as they are on the track, they are even better off. This is a humble group, down to earth and very approachable. If you have not been out to see them race, why not? Follow their page on Facebook for their schedule, get to a race, get a pit pass and go meet this team. Get out and watch them race and be able to say you were there for a part of this year. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.



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