Jack must be turning over in his grave with the way this site is being run!

What are you all doing here, this new site sucks, this is not what Jack wanted!! Look at at how many views are here? Please make this right.

The site that was being run was broken beyond repair. I was asked to repair any broken sites, and the only way the forums could continue to run would be salvaging what did work and upgrading.

Any way the forums could be improved? I’m always open to constructive suggestions.

@TheRock I see you’re online. How can we improve the site, since you believe this isn’t what Jack wanted.


First, go back to the old style board. Next, post results here, find out what all the tracks are doing and posts the results HERE. No one wants to go chasing the results all over the website. I know it’s hard to get results sometimes, but you will get more views once you start posting them here on this board. Look at the views and replies latey, nothing. Talk to Cleetus at the Freedom Factory, you will gain a whole lot of viewers.

@TheRock this is Robert who the team that Jack trusted to run this site after his passing trusted to take over to keep it going. the old site was out dated in 2000 and broken with out a repair. I spent 800 dollars trying to save it before this is our only option to keep the board and all the old messages.

I try and get results but it is like pulling teeth but I hear you and once the tracks starts back I will try and make this the best we can but I need everyone heres support to bring this back.

Thank you

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