Cool Promotional Ideas from Grandview Speedway

Here are some cool promotional ideas taken from my recent trip to Grandview Speedway in PA. This is a fan-friendly and successful dirt track that was hosting USAC sprints for a Tuesday night show in June.

Their ideas cost very little, or absolutely nothing. Yes, some required organization and maybe a volunteer to make them happen, but consider this list from a place who has it going on, even in 2022.

Pit Tours The track gave grandstand fans a ride in the back of a track pick-up. They toured the pits during practice and got an up-close look at the pit world, but never left the back of the truck. Near the front gate, there was a volunteer who had the fans sign a waiver, then away they went in the truck, free of charge. It was popular and went on for hours.

Inside-Out viewing The track gave away something valuable, and it did not cost them a thing. Fans could sign up for the “inside out” experience; a chance to watch practice from the infield. They sign up one night, and then had their opportunity to visit the infield on the next race night (insuring that they buy another ticket.) All it took was a volunteer to watch the sign-up, and at the right time, to herd the fans to a secure spot in the infield, then back to the stands after a few practice sessions.

Meet and Greet by the front gate The track invited a few teams to bring their cars to the front gate area. It was a busy place (more on that later) and the in-coming fans had the chance to see a few cars up close, meet some drivers, all while the announcer was walking around welcoming everyone on the PA.

Race team vending area I have noticed that our Florida tracks are not cooperative when a team wants to sell their t-shirts, hats, etc… Maybe the track thinks they are protecting their own souvenir stand. Grandview went the opposite way. ANY team, weather they were the touring USAC sprints, or a local Saturday night regular, was welcome to set up in the front gate area. They could park a vending trailer, set up a card table, or several just hung their wares on the fence. Easy, problem free and it helped to create the great intangible that makes race nights great: atmosphere!
Remember, it always helps the track when fans wear their favorite racing shirt or hat during the week.