Sponsorship sought to add Mofided Mini Stocks to the National Compact Touring Series at the Freedom Factory

Originally published at: https://karnac.com/flanews/front-page-news/sponsorship-sought-to-add-mofided-mini-stocks-to-the-national-compact-touring-series-at-the-freedom-factory/



So I have gotten some text messages and calls about adding the Mod Minis to our event the Winter Warm-Up at the Freedom Factory on Saturday, February 4th, 2023. I believe this would be a great add to what we are doing. However, we are going to need some sponsorship help to make this happen. If you or know of someone that would be interested in helping please send me an email to Nationalcompacts@gmail.com or text 312-722-4433. You can also message me here on FB. We are looking at needing around $2,500 to make this to happen. This would be a $1000 to win event and 35 laps.
Thank you, in advance. We do want to make this to happen, but I have to keep this in our budget to make it happen.
Registration is now open for the compact cars and Crown vics:
Registration is now open for the Winter Warm-Up at the Freedom Factory on February 3rd-4th. Please click the link below to get your Tech Card: