Scofield and Lovelady win Super Late Model Twin 50's after the dust settles and Tech is Clear at Auburndale Speedway

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Saturday 1/28/2023 Auburndale Speedway

Photos from Sunshine State Racing:


After all the excitement and Dust settles and tech was clear Jeff Scofield and Chase Lovelady leaves Auburndale Speedway as winners in the first twin 50 Super Late Model Features of the year of 2023.


The first feature Saw Jeff Scofield go green to checkers for the win with some great side by side racing. This race also saw the DQ of George Gorham Jr. for a tire infraction. Jeff and his team claim to be getting old but man they sure had a dominate car and looked to be having some fun.


In race number two there was a lot of great side by side racing for the lead on both the inside and outside and after tech clears Chase Lovelady took home the win.


Videos below from Speedway Video.


Also a lot of fun by the fans for the t shirt toss and fun had by all at the track.

Full Results:


A Feature 1 (50 Laps): 1. 8-Chase Lovelady[11]; 2. 07-Jeff Scofield[2]; 3. 10X-Michael Cherry[15]; 4. 77-Keith Roggen[6]; 5. 11JR-Carter Brown[9]; 6. 10-George Gorham Jr[16]; 7. 10F-Ross Francisco[10]; 8. 0X-Ryan Walters[4]; 9. 8W-AJ Waller[14]; 10. 57-Brey Holmes[7]; 11. 68-Hunter Lovelady[3]; 12. 42-Jonathan Guy[5]; 13. 55-Richard Elkins Jr[8]; 14. 97D-Mike Smith[13]; 15. (DQ) 88D-TJ DeCaire[12]; 16. (DQ) 142-Cody Stickler[1]

A Feature 2 (50 Laps): 1. 07-Jeff Scofield[1]; 2. 142-Cody Stickler[2]; 3. 68-Hunter Lovelady[3]; 4. 0X-Ryan Walters[4]; 5. 42-Jonathan Guy[5]; 6. 77-Keith Roggen[6]; 7. 57-Brey Holmes[7]; 8. 55-Richard Elkins Jr[8]; 9. 11JR-Carter Brown[9]; 10. 10F-Ross Francisco[10]; 11. 8-Chase Lovelady[11]; 12. 88D-TJ DeCaire[12]; 13. 97D-Mike Smith[13]; 14. 8W-AJ Waller[14]; 15. (DQ) 10X-Michael Cherry[16]; 16. (DQ) 10-George Gorham Jr[15]

Qualifying 1: 1. 07-Jeff Scofield, 00:13.329[11]; 2. 42-Jonathan Guy, 00:13.336[14]; 3. 10-George Gorham Jr, 00:13.371[12]; 4. 10F-Ross Francisco, 00:13.388[13]; 5. 142-Cody Stickler, 00:13.417[16]; 6. 88D-TJ DeCaire, 00:13.435[10]; 7. 8-Chase Lovelady, 00:13.456[6]; 8. 10X-Michael Cherry, 00:13.507[7]; 9. 11JR-Carter Brown, 00:13.539[5]; 10. 57-Brey Holmes, 00:13.600[9]; 11. 97D-Mike Smith, 00:13.680[2]; 12. 77-Keith Roggen, 00:13.711[8]; 13. 0X-Ryan Walters, 00:13.728[15]; 14. 68-Hunter Lovelady, 00:13.752[3]; 15. 55-Richard Elkins Jr, 00:13.784[1]; 16. 8W-AJ Waller, 00:13.795[4]



Race one: