Hey Real Racin' Crew ! About Jimmy Owens

Not that you don’t have enough to talk about, with his FANTASTIC season he has going … but if you need some filler questions …
I have a question for you to ask Jimmy Owens tonight (if y’all like it …)

In 2005 I met the woman I am going to marry in 38 days (October 20th)
Without Jimmy Owens, I probably wouldn’t be !

She was both the public relations manager and the trophy girl at a track I was racing at. Since the dirt modified Jimmy Owens built me won 11 of the 22 Features run that year (and 16 of 19 Heats), I got to spend a LOT of time with her in Victory Lane. And, as I said, we are getting married in less then 6 weeks …

Could you please ask Jimmy if he feels responsable for my situation and if this has happened to any other people driving his cars ??? Also make sure he knows where to send my wedding gift, hahahaha

much love and respect to y’all and Jimmy,
Jason Lowe #4

[SIZE=“3”]Congradulations Jason & Tiffany:aktion033:,Wishing you guys the best of luck.[/SIZE]