Charity Truckers 200 Begins Big push......please help !

The Charity Truckers 200 is a bit over 2 months away and we now begin a push to get the laps sold, last sponsors filled, program ads sold, drivers entered. We also need your help in these areas but mostly in spreading the word about this event. We do not have a advertising budget it is all by tracks, fans, drivers telling about it. Please spread the word. If you want to purchase tickets go to or call me at 407-497-0448. Weekend ticket for grandstands is $25.00 you save $5 buying the two days together. Friday $10 Saturday $20 if buy seperate. Pit passes will be $25 each day. Please, please tell people around you. If you can pass out flyers in your area, put posters up please contact me. We want to cover the main Orlando area as well as south toward lakeland, north toward daytona and west toward Ocala.

Rick Bristol

Hey Rick,
When you have the tickets needed for the lottery ride in the NAPA 15 ready then we can start selling them at Ocala Speedway and around town. Also you mentioned hand outs about the event…need some of those also.:slight_smile:

Thanks Jim

I have some flyers, hope to have more and posters by Friday. I do not have raffle tickets for the car, if you want to pickup a roll of double tickets for your drawing, with place for personal info to draw later and keep track that would help tremendously. Keep receipt and I will reimburse the cost of tickets. I will send you flyers, posters and some tickets to sell to event if you want to try to sell those. Where do I send them ? I am trying to get to Ocala one of the next few weeks to promote the event. I will let you know and we can meet and plan some stuff.
Thanks, Rick