Tampa Tribune Articles From 1964 Fla State Championship At Golden Gate

Some really neat old stuff…

Good stuff

I didn’t get to that track untill the 80s. I see Benny Moore’s name in 3rd place.he passed years ago,his grandson Tim finished 2nd to Jefferson saturday night.

benny moore at golden gate

when iwas younger i seen benny moore hit light pole on back straightway at golden gate and lights === WENT OUT IN GEORGIA+++ i think that is were they got that song from … he hit is so hard my coke jumped out of my cup

[SIZE=“3”]Benny was a stand-up guy for sure.

Here he is shown doing a jig at the finish line with my Brother-in-Law after a Tornado win at SS where he was the Race Director. (Note: his first name is spelled incorrectly in the caption).[/SIZE]

I think Kenny is trying to let go of Lenny’s hand to follow Ms Twiggy!:sport009:

It’s Benny. Hey Jim you got any more of him,I gave that 1 to his brother.