Megan Reitenour--driver development 08

Start to Finish LLC.:slight_smile: is pleased to announce.
Megan Reitenour signed to drive in the newly formed series SCSCS.
Megan will race for NRE Nesbitt Racing Enterprises in 2008.
After her excellent performance at tri-county speedway on 10/27/07
Ms Reitenour was offered a contract to drive next year in the newly formed series SCSCS.
This new series is perfect for the young driver from Ohio,it will allow her to showcase her talent and gain valuable experience in a full size stock car.
For more on Megan go to
series info

I’m interested to see the schedule for the new series. Both Races put on a great show. Some grass root short track racing.

Watching the race at Tri-County this young lady earned a new fan with the display of heart she raced with. The right coaching, and guidance I believe she could be a serious contender.

Megan to finish pilot show at Nascar Images

Megan Reitenour will be in Charlotte at tha Nascar Image`s studio on Saturday 2/2/08 to put the final touchs on her pilot program called Fast girls.
The pilot show will released to a network in a week and will available for broadcast in the very near future.
Megan will also stop by the Gavel auction in mooresville to spend some with Mart and Martin Nesbitt before heading home.
Megan will be on Real Racin USA on tuesday to talk about the 08 season,the TV show Fast Girls.
Tune in on tuesday,maybe she will announce what network her show will be on. for more on Megan go to

[SIZE=β€œ4”]We will try and run a story on her later next week. We interviewed her at the Hickory race. We did want to see what happened since that race and then run the story. However Megan seems to be a popular choice on this site.
The Nesbitt team is known for driver development. Megan should go far in this new series.
The enclosed picture was taken at the Hickory race.:engel016:[/SIZE]

Megan Reitenour wins Super Cup Race

Megan Reitenour won the first ever Super cup race on Saturday at TCMS.
starting seventh on her way to the top spot,it took 97 laps to get there and 3 laps to history.

Megan won the race in comanding style,passing Wally Schweizer #44 on lap 97 who running very well in his first Super cup race.
The results can be seen at check out her web-site she will be doing an interveiw at 7:40 tonite

Megan and Nesbitt Racing did an outsanding job, Congratulations ! This young lady was as smooth as glass. She ran the same style lap all day long and when it counted she saved enough to go hard. I thought overall it was a great race, I heard everyone say they had fun. It won’t be long before Pro Cup will need to start looking over their shoulder.