Truck engine rule change in Georgia and questions

Lanier Speedway has made sweeping changes in their 2008 rule book. Pretty much every division has to run a GM crate motor. Problem is, they implemented a 602 crate motor in the Supertruck division. The 2007 engine rule was the 604 crate or the 305, 302or 318. Therefore, everyone has to buy new 602 crate motors and their 2007 engine is illegal.
I am currently sitting on a built 305 engine which has only seen 3 races. Are any of the truck series in Florida still allowed to run the 305? I am going to have to sell or trade my current engine for the 602.
I personally am glad to see the 602 crate rule, I just was expecting some sort of switch over time during the 2008 season.
Does anyone have any opinions regarding the 602? Is it reliable? How much slower will the lap times be compared to the 305 (15.5-16 seconds on 3/8 asphalt)? Is anyone breaking into these things and cheating them up? Will the fuel pump, water pump, pulleys, etc. from the 305 bolt onto the 602. Thanks for any advice

Kevin Shaw

As far as I know the 305 and crate 602(350) are the same block and all the stuff will fit.
No cheatin up these motors without getting caught. If you want to cheat it has to be a distributor,carb,fuel, something outside the motor. Also, get a rev limiter set for 6000. Seen several go “BOOM” trying to run in sportsman.
Strong motor though, up to 6000.

I got a new 305 truck motor, dynoed but never raced…ANYBODY NEED ONE.


Not apples to apples!!!

The 305 are totally different. Block, heads, cams, cranks, rods, valve coversand pan. CCMP allow the 305, 318, 302, alomg with the crates in the FASTRUCK Division.

Gee Bobbie, then why is it in our rules for sportsman it states"350 motors may not use 305 heads". The water pump,pullys, and fuel pump,as asked, will interchange. All internal components are different between a 305 and 350 though.


Jim. On the drivers side on the 602/3/4 all say 5.7 liters. Bore it different, stoke, late style block only are used for the Crates blocks.


If you know any of your fellow truck racers up there that are going to sell their 604 crate motor, please forward my name and number to them. We are looking for a halfway fresh motor to run some ASA races. I left a message with a lady at the track also.



Joey, I will keep my eyes and ears open. Alot of Atlanta racers sell their stuff at or


what are you asking for your 305,


I paid $3400 for it as a back up. Can not use it now.
Motor complete from intake to pan including water pump,dist,and wires. Moroso
double winged pan,balancer, JE pistons, Pink rods,ARP studs, hyd. cam,
roller rockers,Edelbrock Performer RPM,roller timing chain,ignition box. Blue Printed.
Looking to break even. Bought in August, 2007.
Bought from Raabe Racing in Daytona Beach.Motor was dynoed in a truck but not raced.