Is there a story behind the#112?

Maybe I’ve missed something obvious over the years, but what is the signifiicance behind the number 112? I’ve seen that same number on countless car over the years (Balough, Grill, Arnold, etc…), and have never understood if there was an actual meaning behind it! Something religeous?. I feel like I’ve missed something obvious.

Of all the 3 digit racecar numbers over the years, the 112 is probably the most common I’ve seen… WHY?

Maybe 118 was already taken.

I’ve wondered the same thing. Why did Hamke Sr. use 119? Why did Marty Handshaw use 237 for many years in S. Florida?

Figures the first one to reply would be the Boneman!

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The #112 Late Model driven by Jack Arnold in the Florida 200 was used because prior to building the late Model Cotton Seward owned the #12 Figure 8 car at Sunshine Speedway driven by Butch Johnston. There was already a #12 Late Model so they use #112. Butch drove the Late Model regularly but Cotton put Jack in the car for the 200 which he won.

Jerry, I would think that someone else with the number 12 is the main reason. But then you have to ask why the number 12 is so liked? In my brothers case David Williamson (#12 Sportsmen). When he first started racing Dale Sr. was his favorite driver. And of course the number 3 was taken by someone already. So 12 wasn’t taken and the number 1 and 2 did add up to 3 in a way. Not that all this helps to answer your question. Why is the number 112 used so much? But it may be one reason.

We’ve had a #12 in our garage since 1975. Started out down at Palm Beach and Hialeah, went west coast racing in the late ‘70s (Tampa/St. Pete). In the mid-1980s, we were runnin’ Inverness and St. Pete with Bryan Wescott as the driver. Bryan was scored as the #III (that’s “Roman numeral 3”) at St. Pete, but as the #12 at Inverness. Had to put a duct-tape “X” over the number to make a “XII” (that’s Roman numeral 12").

When my brother Scott first started driving at Speed World, I guess Drawdy had already registered the #12, so we picked #112 as our “alternate”, so that’s what we ran.

I’ve seen some pretty “weird” numbers over the years: Orville Seeright ran a “$” (that’s “dollar sign”) at Palm Beach in the Hobby division in the 1970s. There was a “Brand X” figure 8 car at St. Pete for years, along with the Meyers and Elmer Sieffert in the “A-team” Mustangs (#A-1 through A-11). Don Gregory ran his Jeg’s Camaro with the number (7) on the rear quarter panels, and Ed Howe’s famous “Green Machines” with Tommy Maier, the GO and the GoIng cars (scored as #60 and #61). I also remember Howe with a purple Hoosier Tire sponsored car at both New Smyrna and Tampa (Golden Gate) with the Hoosier “H” on the side and scored as a #4 car.

So that’s my story…LOL

cool number

Didn’t Pee Wee Griffin own some #112 cars? I remember Balough in a 112 and maybe Ed Meredith in a #112 mod owned by Herman? Can’t remember his last name.
Up in Lake City there’s a NINE and I remember a guy that ran a 11teen at the dirt track. How about Nightstalker at Volushia?

Jim Fenton had a FOUR on his cars. Bob…

Reason for 112

Well one reason why I ran 112. Is cause I started out half way through the season at a dirt track. And they ready had 12. So instead of repainting a new number I just add a extra 1.

My dad used to run a late model number 39 until Marlin Huffmaster (? spelling) came along with another 39. Marlin fell out part way thru but was scored as finishing instead of my dad. Got real ugly at the pay window that night. From then on, he was 139. I remember a 3X3 also that ran there, I think it was Roger Elixon or Richard Poindexter (? spelling again).

Herman Korpi owned the 112 modified.

I’ll bet cha old hermie could tell the story on Garry’s 112.

The story behind Baloxgh’s #112

Disclaimer: The following theory is my own and I am sure no Laws were circumvented by any of the alledged participants.

Al Kxhn was driving a #12 for Baxry Haefxle out of Hollywood, FL and when they went to New Smyrna they noticed that Jr. Haxley had them all covered.
Baxry decided to order a new Haxley car and ordered it with the #112 on it as a team car to the #12. In those days when Haxley built cars in Oakville, Ontario He usually sold them completely race ready to US customers with 1 of his trailers that He built and delivered them across the border in NY state. If he happened to claim to US customs that he was going to a race in the US with his own car then He would be allowed entry without all that bothersome paperwork and duty being required. This was benificial to US buyers who were already paying a premium to Haxley over Howe and even Dramie built cars made in the USA. This is why the cars were were painted and lettered in Canada.
Baxry and Ax who was to be the driver drove to Canada to pick up the car and even tested it at Flamboro Speedway with Haxley. When the deal was done they followed Haxley into NY state where they took delivery and proceded to FL. Gary Baloxgh saw the car the next day at Kxhns shop and had to have it. End of story
The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

All hail the return of Larrytg!

Finally we get to hear about the famous 112, and not uncle Elmo’s Bomber with the duct tape numbers.

I didn’t understand a damn thing Laxry said until the final sentence… then it all became much cleaxrer.

By the way, the Mod that Balough ran was owned by Heman Korpi.

One thing that doesn’t add up about that version, is that Juniors car were always a “72”, not a “12” Though I don’t doubt for a minute that Jr. Hanley had a big part in building some of the Balough 112"s.

Not to throw Hanley into this, but for MANY years, and MANY deals, there was always something fishy surrounding Balough’s career. Mafia accusations, drug running, tax helters… always something.

His number used to be #112… now it’s FL13198465684-112

Boneman, if you wanted to know about a specific #112, you should have asked about a specific #112. A general question was asked stating several examples, I’m sure each with their own reasons and/or history for using that number and you opened it up to other three digit numbers. I stated my reasons and so did others for running three digit numbers, responding to a general question. No need to be a Richard about it. And just so you know, we didn’t use duct tape, we used ELECTRICAL tape for the first week until we could get some paint on it.

Richard who? Could you be more specific?

BTW: the original question was asked about “well known” cars.

Maybe he meant Richard Cranium…

How about the 119?

The 711?

The 123?

The 555?

The “sixty nine”?

The 8-ball?

The Fantastic 8?

The 500?

The 909?

“Well known” is in the eye…or keyboard…of the beholder. lol


the driver/team of the 121