Ocala speedway 1997

Ocala speedway 97


Poo, my link didn’t work the 1st time. I found some of my old pics from ocala. If i can find 98.99,01, 02 and 03 i’ll post some of them. 02 and 03 were very limited, i only ran a couple races in SP and SS.

MY kids with me at kids ride night in Chris Swains car (my motor blew in heat race

I had no problem sliding down the backstretch without dirt.

here are some pics from 1997 when I raced purestocks at Ocala.

ran the same car as a hobbystock in 98(have to find those pics) and ran modifieds there this year until we decided to start running at Auburndale

Thanks Benny. Interesting to see the asphalt when it was new. I’m going to try and get a pic or two today of how it looks now, even though the major work is not completed yet. Anyone got any good photos from Ocala from the dirt days?