SSS crate motor ???

A couple questions…

  1. Did anyone run the crate motor

  2. How did they do compared to built motor

  3. What RPMs do the crate motor like to turn

  4. Any other thoughts or opinions on the 602 crate motor

Randy, crates have been around that Series for 2 years now. How did they do? Well the points champ this year uses one. The one thing I don’t like about them is they were never checked in the motor it’s self by tech. Techs thinking was they are sealed so they must be ok inside. But the top 3 in another class and another race at NSS that were crates and were pulled apart and prove to be cheated up this year proves that kind of thinking is wrong. Plus they were allowed to be 100lbs lighter then the rest of the cars. That wasn’t liked by the others to well. Jerry Wilt tried to start this past season with both motors the same weight but Don wouldn’t see it that way and said no. It’s my feeling that the cars ALL need to be the same kind and ALL have the same kind of motors. This would stop hard feelings on both sides. Just my feelings. Hope this helps some.

We do not run the SSS but we did find it to be an extremely competative engine.I turn 6000-6100 all day long.Just make sure you have a rev limiter on it.I have a 6200 chip for mine.It seems it’s the way to go,and maintainance wise,it’s just changing the oil and plugs once a month or so.