FASCAR License and rules?

Wanted to know when we can purchase our license for the coming season and when will the rules be out to see if there are any changes. Heard a lot of rumors about things and wanted to see what was really true or not.

Licenses will go on sale the first night of racing and you will have up to a month to get one before I drop points. The rules should be out soon. I have posted the tour rules but do not have the regular rules yet to post.

Hope this helps.


Does this also mean that if we had a license last year, we can keep our same car number?

I have the numbers from last year. I will hold those numbers for one month to see if the person who had them, wants them again when they buy their license. If not or they don’t get their license in that month, I release them.
You still want the 43??


Thanks Jane!


I race at Columbia. I was wondering if the rumor’s are true that Columbia is starting there season in May not March? If this is true please let me know. And like everyone else just waiting on the rule’s. Thank You.

You have your banquet this Saturday, you should find out then about opening season but I have not heard that rumor. The tour rules are up for 2008 so I imagine regular rules should follow soon.

It’s nice to see that they are going back to the way Todd did rainouts. That is that you get points for showing up when a rain out happen (25 points if you are a member). And the fact that they give 50 points just for showing up at Lake City (if you are a member) may help the car counts with 3 races up there this year. Good thinking guys.