LeRoy Davidson - He's Back...Maybe

LeRoy will be a guest on INSIDE FLORIDA RACING (www.insidefloridaracing.com)
this Monday night January 28. The former promoter of Charlotte County Speedway and retired dirt Late Model driver still has the bug. “I thought I would be able to leave this behind when I sold the track…” LeRoy said recently, but it is in his blood.

The upcoming Brian Davidson Memorial at Auburndale Speedway on March 1 may be more of a beginning than even LeRoy realizes at this point.

With the ever present toothpick in his mouth and his mind always working overtime, Florida could use his sometimes outlandish but always entertaining style of promotion about now.


Great news!! :huepfen024: Leroy always makes things exciting and makes racing fun. We’ll be listening for sure. Ask him if he will be doing anything at Charlotte, it could us a shot in the arm about now.

I listened to the replay of the broadcast…very good insights on racing today!

Leroy should open a DIRT track in Charlotte County and run Winged sprints, Late Models and Modifieds. WE all know that his roots are with dirt. Dirt tracks have great car counts, lots of fans and who wouldn’t love to see some good dirt racing in the south end of Fla.?