IRL-CART split...

Doesn’t that seem familiar with the TBARA and the checkered flag group? Take something good and cut it up. You see what the split did to Indy type racing…hurt them both.

Good luck to all, but I hope that doesn’t happen here…The same thing happened in the 90’s when you had TBARA and the Central Florida Sprint Car Club. This competition hurt both clubs, and when the Central Florida Group dissolved, that’s when car counts went up. How will this be different, I ask? We can learn from history!

I just read a press release from the checkered group, and it sounds like this is more about selling fuel and tires, and not making racing better… I did not realize that anyone was “owed” a venue to make a living…nobody is owed anything.

Just my humble opinion…

We can learn from history!

what? learn? from history?

that’s madness, madness i tell you.

Unless the TBARA screws up royal I don’t see how anyone else can build up enough of a fan base around pavement sprint cars to muddy the waters even a little bit.