New Smyrna Crates

I just checked in to see results and noticed a 13 year old won the crate late model race. What gives? I thought there was just some big deal about no one under 14 could race at fascar tracks except 600 racing cars. There were some people mad because their kids couldnt race at the Orlando winter series.

i believe the CRA provides their own insurance program for their drivers so it’s not FASCARs responsibility.

that’s why he was allowed to run at Lakeland a couple of weeks ago in the crate race but not in the Super Late race. the Super race was sanctioned by FASCAR but the crate race was sanctioned by CRA.

You have a link to the story? He must be a pretty awesome 13 year old to beat nearly 30 other experienced drivers in a late model. I’d like to hear more about him. At this rate he’ll be a tire specialist on a sports car team by the time he’s 14.