Is this the Dick Anderson we know?

I am curious to find out, I just found this by accident and I was wondering if this is a young Dick Anderson? Or is it another guy with the same name and number? Just odd that a guy in NY has a picture of him.

Definitely one and the same.

Had a chance to re-hash old times with Dickie and his wife Mary this past Saturday night at the Pete Orr Memorial 100 at NSS.

Great man and a fantastic shoe.

Thank you I was just curious since the man lives in NY that owns that picture.

Dick actually drove one of the Marinelli cars a spell on dirt I believe. At least that’s what I think that’s what Wayne told me.

And speaking of Wayne there is a Wayne Anderson that ran pavement modifieds up in the NY area.

So yes, it’s easy to get it all mixed up.

C’mon Trip…jeez…

My first hint would have been when he said that on the back of the photo it credited Bobby Day.

Heh heh heh…