About the reunion! You should read this!

that was one of the most emotional times ever. i am so proud to be part of that effort. Most of the drivers and family who came, walked over to me and said that out of all the reunions they had ever been to, THIS WAS THE BEST!!!
some of them had tears in their eyes because they had not seen each other for 40 years!
the cars were awesome and seeing them do their laps on the track made me get all sentimental.
the people who showed up are some of the best racer drivers who ever lived. one thing is for sure. they are some of the most awesome human beings!
i will have to live a long long time to ever top that night. i finally got to see and hug my dear friend Bobby Pendergast, brother of Georgie Pendergast “The Flying Frenchman” …Got to mess around with BUGSY! and i mean MESS AROUND! rofllllll. i bet he will be doing something devious a minute before he dies…(which i hope will be in no less that 20 yrs. ) Luv that man… he keeps the laughing in high gear! also happy to meet his gracious, friendly, patient wife! :wink:
my wonderful friend Doug Heveron was there with his lovely wife. i dont remember ever seeing doug without a warm smile!
After a couple of years on the phone i finally got to hug LEW BOYD!!! now this is a man you can never really describe! But im gonna try.,…handsome, polite, warm, friendly, intelligent, soft spoken… Thank you Lew! you are the one who really helped us get this thing going. you led us to the drivers and you were NEVER too busy to help!
Pete Hamilton couldnt make it as he had a television interview in Daytona… Leo Cleary couldnt come because at the last minute he had a bad case of the flu and was sick in bed.
In spite of that…it was an amazing turnout.
Next year this reunion is gonna knock your socks off. we know alot more now. for a quicky job it went GREAT!
A special thank you to JERRY BINNER! you gave it your heart and soul and you made alot of people very very happy…you did a fantastic job interviewing them with very little notice.
JACK SMITH!!! in a matter of minutes we decided to do the show live. Jack set up and let us fly…we interviewed so many wonderful people! Thank you Jack! Bill Wimble… meeting you was a pleasure i will not forget. such a loving nice man. hard to believe he was a racer! lol
Ron Bouchard. holy smokes. you must be living right because you are still downright handsome, warm, and friendly…
Phil Schryver! Thank you so much for coming to our condo and bringing me to the track. i couldnt have done it without you. Thank you for helping with the setup and also for joing us in interviewing the people there.
i have to cut this short… i am going to do INSIDE FLORIDA RACING!!!
will continue about this weekend… It was one i will never forget. so many more people to talk about!!!
YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! cant wait to get in my own bed tonight! vacations are nice but getting home is the best part. :wink:
seeeeeeeeeee ya…
OZ aka Carol Wicks

Here are a few pics from the day.

More pictures

reunion website: http://modifiedreunion.homestead.com/

more pictures Hi Carol

Nice meeting you and Boneman. I am glad I got my helmet signed!!!:slight_smile:

We were kinda’ the odd man out with a newer car there, but we had a great time with the NAPA 15 CHEVY. Learned a lot talking to the masters and heard some real war stories. Problem with the carb kept me slow the first 3 laps till it cleared up, but it was GREAT TO EVEN BE THERE.
Hope we can do it again next year…
—JIM and VIRGINIA-------

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Carol… Not to hurt anyone’s feeling here, especially Lew Boyd’s, but you are giving away far too much credit. He was responsible for exactly 1 guest… himself. I very much appreciate the support and his attendance, but to say he was somehow responsible for all the drivers support in this, is a complete fantasy.

I worked my ass off making calls, sending e-mails, mailing flyers, to get those people there. I wasn’t looking for all the credit myself, but to see it given away to someone else is another story.

You wanna know who really deserves credit here? Rex Hollinger (Boneman) worked on this harder than ANYONE. He built and maintained the web-site (completely free and un-solicited), updated the information regularly, and kept my moral up along the way. He came to the track on Thursday night to help set up, and was back at 9:30 on Friday setting up tables, chairs, tents, you name it. That man worked extremely hard.

Another who busted their ass was Roger Donaldson (AB195), from 8:00 AM, until everything was torn down and put away. Then, in the morning, took all the stuff back to the rental store and unloaded it all again.

Thanks guys… you showed what true friendship is all about. I can’t ever thank you enough!

If it wasn’t for those 2, plus my parents and sister, this never could have come off anywhere close to what it was. It took a LOT of work, coordination and hassles to pull this off.

As for the radio show… it was not a spur-of-the-moment decision… it was planned for the last 6 months. It may sound more sensational to tell the story that way, but it’s not the truth.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who helped, attended and promoted this gathering. A lot of people deserve thanks, but please make sure the RIGHT people are getting it!

It was great to meet you Jim.

Good to meet you too Phil. Finally putting names with faces was a highlite of the event.
till next time


i write a post praising and thanking you and now i feel like you released a thousand stinging bees and im the only meal around!
if you want to get it real jerry…we all did what we did because it was fun!
i made MANY calls and thru the people i called i got numbers…which i gave to you… i had talked to lew boyd about doing this over a year ago! we just didnt get to it fast enough… its done now and it was a huge success and even the people who did little more than introduce people to each other did something worthwhile. we are all getting old and things that are easy for you are a little more laborious for us. BUT WE TRY! lew boyd did alot of the preliminary helping. getting us in touch with people. you dont have to lift tables to be helpful… (even tho i did help set up the chairs etc.)
rex is an awesome person and he did help alot…he WANTED to! we all did. you are acting like you hated it all… i even offered to do what your mom and sister did but you already had that covered.
in fact,it isnt even important who did what… we all took on a labor of love and we worked it out. ive said all along you worked the hardest. you barely acted like i did anything…but i dont care! i met some of the most wonderful people ever and the day was one i will never forget. i even got to see a friend i havent seen for over 30 years!
ive gotten some phone calls about the reunion and there are people who REALLY want to help next year. i still havent forgotten to send you a check…i just happened to be way too sick…
i think your post was a little cold and harsh jerry. YES… you and your family worked your “asses” off… they had fun and they did a great job…your dad seemed to work the hardest of everyone. you are lucky to have such a loving family.
im sorry you seem so bitter about the post i wrote. i was trying to make you feel good and instead i am feeling bad. i will stay out of YOUR project so you never have to thank ME! i dont need thanks. i LOVED it! it was a labor of love done for those who have brought me alot of happiness over the years!
right now my only concern is getting well because i sure as hell dont feel well at all! wish i hadnt read the damn post! im sorry i upset you…

Carol… stop, take a breath, and re-read my post.

Where in there did I appear to have been miserable or bitter? Where did I disrespect you in ANY way, shape or form?

I have to admit that your line, “Thank you Lew! you are the one who really helped us get this thing going. you led us to the drivers and you were NEVER too busy to help!”, kinda got under my skin. Lew seems to be a great guy (who also sent me an e-mail stating what a great time he had there), but he’d be the first to admit that he wasn’t responsible for getting the drivers there… WORD OF MOUTH is exactly what got people there. People calling each other, sending me addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. I’d say each and every person that came was responsible for someone else that came too. It wasn’t ‘just’ me, it wasn’t ‘just’ you, or ‘just’ anyone… it was ALL of us that made it work.

But somehow, in trying to make sure that some people that worked very hard on this got the credit THEY deserved, it wound up hurting YOUR feelings. If we would have had the P.A. system that was supposed to be there, I would have had the opportunity to publicly Thank them all for this event. There were many on the list (including Carol Wicks), and I wanted ALL of them to share in the applause for a job well done. But, I never got the chance to do that.

Sorry if you feel you didn’t get enough credit, but NOBODY got enough. If you can’t see my point in that, there’s no sense in trying to explain it again. No matter what though, I’ll always still Love my friend Carol Wicks!


“A special thank you to JERRY BINNER! you gave it your heart and soul and you made alot of people very very happy…you did a fantastic job interviewing them with very little notice.”
you will always be my dear friend too! lets just move on and make next year the most incredible yet… you at the helm and i certainly will be here for you if needed.
we are passionate people and sometimes a bit too sensitive but guess what??? we are what we are and we dont need to change…we just need to understand.
i read my post over and maybe the words i used were confusing. i meant that when this first started Lew gave us a good data base to start with. you have to start somewhere… i NEVER meant to hurt you with that post jerry. you did a fabulous job and it is something i wont forget.
as far as im concerned it is a dead issue and our friendship is intact. i learned this week how fragile life is and how fast it can end.
i love u
carol :anim_buttkick:

SO guys
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