Dennis Boyd Remembered

Today we lost a true friend to local short track racing, Dennis Boyd. Please keep Dennis’s family in your prayers tonight.

That is really sad news…

Jason and family, Lou and Johnny… You know how sad I am to hear this. Dennis has suffered this past year or so and his suffering is over. Now we are here to comfort each other. God bless you Dennis and may He keep you in His loving arms. You will be missed by many.
Carol Wicks (OZ)

Dennis Boyd Remembered

In lieu of flowers for Dennis Boyd, the family is asking that donations be made to Dennis’s church:

Eastside Baptist Church
1900 Conway Garden Rd.
Orlando, Florida 32806

Viewing is set for Wednesday from 5 to 8 and the services will follow on Thursday. Exact location will be posted soon and time of funeral.

My deepest sympathy goes out to this family during this difficult time. You are in our prayers and thoughts.

Dennis Boyd Remembered

This is tentative and could change but the viewing is set for Wednesday night from 5 to 8 at the Eastside Baptist Church, 1900 Conway Garden Rd., Orlando, Fla. 32806.

The funeral will be held also at Eastside Baptist on the followng day tentatively at 10 a.m. but that is not definite for sure. Dennis is to be buried by his dad in Enterprise.

Please keep this family in your prayers. All of them are having a real rough time right now and they need all the comfort they can get. This truly was a shock to them. Dennis was loved dearly by all his family including his niece Sonja who has kept me updated on what is happening.

My prayers are with them, my love and my heart, and may time heal their loss. But for those of us who knew Dennis, and there are alot, I hope his family knows that we will never forget him and always hold him in our hearts.

Memories of Dennis Boyd

Yesterday I talked with Dennis’s niece Sonja and she asked if there was a way to share memories of Dennis with the family. So I am going to start this threat and make sure the family does get it.

Many years ago, before I actually really worked for FASCAR, Dennis found out I had no money to go to the FASCAR Tour banquet. It was held in Titusville then at the Elks Lodge and I could afford to go to the regular banquet but not that one. Dennis gave Sandy the money for me to go because he thought I should be there. Dennis really didn’t know me except for the writing I did for the tours. Jason was running them but I thought how sweet of him to make sure that I got to go.

Then it was Dennis who gave Alex a computer when Alex really needed one for school. Although the computer ended up not being usuable for Alex, it was one of Dennis’s old computers at work, it was so sweet of him to give Alex that. He was always sweet to me, always came over and spoke to me and how he loved that little granddaughter of his.

Dennis touched my life, not thru his engine building skills, but by his human skills and his love for his children and granddaughter. He was a single dad and I was a single mom and we shared alot since we both had to work more than we should have to take care of our kids.

Dennis Boyd was a good engine builder but more than that, he was a good human being. I will miss you Dennis and that smile you always seemed to have on your face. You were truly a blessing in my life for the person you were.


Jane, this is really a shocker. Sometime we wonder why God has to take the good from us. He was a wonderful man and his family is in our prayers.
Joanne and Paul Lucas

He was the only person I knew that if there were a group of people going somewhere and Dennis was driving everyone would not argue to who was going to ride in the back seat and not in the front. Survival rate is higher in the back. Dennis was not known for his driving skills! I fixed up a S-10 he was driving back when Jordan was an infant and Jason was a kid. It had the headlights taped and tied in with his favrote form of wire, coat hangers, pointing different directions, shorted the wiring out where you had to hook the headlights to the battery direct from where he hit the back of another vehicle. I felt so bad for Jason and Jordan, not so much for Dennis because he didn’t care what he drove looked like, I found a front end and put it on and painted it and repaired the wiring for him. When he first started in business , he drove an old Ford truck that had no hood or air cleaner and he had an old pot he would put over the carb when he parked so if it rained it wouldn’t go in the engine. When my now ex-wife and I were still married, she had breast cancer and lost all her hair naturally. She had a wig that didn’t look very natural and she was at the shop one day and Dennis said something about it. He asked how much a good one cost and she said probably a few hundred bucks. He reached into his pocket and handed her everything he had in there and said go and get a good one. It was around $500 he handed her. Thats how he was. I could go on and on but those are just a few things that stick out.

David Debelius

Dennis Boyd Remembered

Somehow someone has seen or read something on a Dennis Boyd that is being cremated in Casselberry. This is not our Dennis Boyd. Dennis is not being cremated nor is his services in Casselberry. The viewing and services are at Dennis’s church - Eastside Baptist Church.

The family asked me if I could please clear this up for them since they have had a few confusing phone calls and this is not the time for that. They have enough pain right now and don’t need anymore.

Thanks - Jane