CFWSCA - Entry List

2/22/08 (Tampa) The following is a complete list of entries for the CFWSCA “Dukes Roofing” opener to be held Sat. March 8th at the beautiful Columbia Motorsports Park.

“Dennis Misuraca” - 2007 CFWSCA Champion
“Jon Sanborn”
“Bobby Rose”
“Troy DeCaire” - 2007 TBARA Champion
“Brian Gingras”
“Jim Alvis”
“Jimmy Alvis”
“Michael Elder”
“Tommy Nichols” - 2003 CFWSCA Champion
“Bill Pettijohn”
“Billy Riddle”
“Charlie Ladner” - 2005 CFWSCA Champion
“Dan Slatter” (2 cars) Driver of 2nd car TBA
“Curtis Carter” - 2004 CFWSCA Champion

More entries are expected as race time draws near. Stay tuned to this site, other Florida Racing Sites and the CFWSCA website for further updates and more information.

CFWSCA - “No Wings!” - “No Fear!” - “No Problem”


since when you you have to pre-enter a local sprint car race?

More names added to the entry list

2/25/2008 The following names have been added to the list of entries for the CFWSCA opener at Columbia Motorsports Park, March 8, 2008 Total car count expected as of this date: “21” and growing.

Dakotah Stephens - 2006 FSCA Champion
Darren Miller
Shane Miller
Bruce Ingeness
Steven Bradley
Mike Koss
and Nick Manikis

Get upwarmed up for your teck NORTH!!!

This weekend at the warm CCMP Speedway 3-1-08 the Checkered Flag Sprint car Series will have “Wild Child” drop the green flag on a 30 lap event. FFI will announce a tow money bonus. This is the second time for “Big Daddy Don” and Gary “The Outlaw” SHOW of SHOWs will hit the asphalt. Stay tuned for updates.
To get into the FAN PROGRAMs call 941-575-7223 for Linda at CCMP or 813-335-1275 for Don or 813-331-8741 for Gary
Bobby Diehl :huepfen024:

You shouldn’t steal the name Don Garlits earned and made famous for many, many years, in an effort prop up someone else with a new image…

Don Garlits had class…

Big Daddy works for me!!!

Get a life. The man spent 12 years making the TBARA into the TOP Sprintcar Series in the South from ashes. He earned the right to the name (I gave it to him any way so blame me).Bobby Diehl. And who are YOU??? XXXX&oooooo… DUA…:huepfen024:
PS: Wasn’t the “BIG DADDY” a guy that was a artist at drew Hot Rod on T-Shirts?

who am I??? I am the voice of reason…heh, heh, heh…I have a wonderful life too!

This is not your personal forum…too bad that other opinions and facts cause you to react in such a way.

I will say that I don’t appreciate seeing "old man d. r. " trash the TBARA, since he was booted out.

As a track operator, your actions, in step with your partner, do more to hurt sprint cars than help them. If you wanted sprint cars at your track, you had two organizations in the state to work with…but you didn’t want to pay the price. As I have said before, I hope the car owners are smart about this.

you know I think I will leave this subject alone for awhile…and sit back and watch! :natur008:(but not Saturday night)

Only One Big Daddy

Big Daddy Don Garlits has a museum about 4 miles from my home, and it ain’t about ‘ART’. Unless you want to call it the art of drag racing for the last 50+ years. Big Daddy Don and his Swamp Fox perfected the sling shot dragster with over 4000 horse power and is in the American History Museum in Washington DC. He has also sold a ton of T shirts…LOL
Don’t describe any other racer as the “intimadator” either…that name is taken…forever. My name is
----JIM Higginbotham-----