Frank Firestine's tears fell on the Parade Lap

The night was looking iffy all afternoon. The storms were on the way. The question was only when and how bad. The Parade lap was started the moment of silence was over the flag was on the way up the poll. When like tears from heavens started to fall, I couldn’t stop my own tears at that point. It was one of the toughest times of my life (saying good bye to a dear friend). With him looking over my shoulder, it was time to get going. Let’s GET the TRACK dry!!! The track was full of the tire pulling workers and racers. It took about and hour or so to dry off the track. The Fab 4’s finished getting the surface ready for the send off of our friend. The SW Legends where present for their second round of the new division. Because of the curfew, we (the GREAT CCMP STAFF) could not do the FAN FEST for the Fans, but the Officials got enough time stolen back to allow a proper good bye to Frank Firestine. With his son Jeff by my side I got threw this tough part of the job. There was a little girl that heard about Frank’s passing (and her Family are hugh Fans of the CCMP) last week and had her class make a card for Jeff. It was just what the moment needed. Now!!! Lets go racing (with “The Frank Firestine 101”). It was full of action throughout the race. Their was a final heart warming moment seeing Frank’s picture on each of the cars in the Winner Circle. The Finishing touch on the night was what Frank always said to his Team as they left for the Track. Bring Home the GOLD!!! Yes, His son did!!! Jeff won!!!
To all the Family, Friends, and Racers that made this a Special night…
Thanks Bobby Diehl :engel016: