Another piece of the puzzle!!! "WILD CHID" at CCMP this weekend!!!

The return of Wild Child to Asphalt Sprintcar Racing!!!

Doug Durnham AKA “WILD CHILD” is another part of the Don Rehm “Show of Shows”. Get ready for the HOTTEST Sprintcar entertainment in the South!!! Checker Flag Sprintcars Series at CCMP. This weekend. Sponsored by a Fuel Company to be released. “WILD CHILD” is another piece of the puzzle that made the TBARA what it was (past tensed). Over 10 years ago Don Rehm took the club from ashes. A dismembered Series and took it to the TOP SERIES in the SOUTH!!! Get ready folks it is now not just a club but his “SHOW of SHOWS” (yes he owns it now). So come on out to see the best of the best putting it on for YOU!!!
CCMP is PROUD to support “The Man” of the Florida Sprint Car World “Big Daddy Don”!!!
Bobby Diehl (for those who choose to cuss out my Office help SHAME ON YOU:mad:) Support the NEXT TOP SprintCar Series of the SOUTH!!! “CFSS”

Wild Childs name is Doug, not Don…:grinser010: