How Cold Was It???

[SIZE=“4”]It wasnt that it was that cold during the afternoon at Tri County. It was the thirty mile an hour winds.
It did sleet and rain in the morning and then cleared out.
Joe Schmaling the cometition director had the option to cancel the race but said the show must go on. He wanted to get this sport rolling.
Add to the fact that a lot of people came out of state to be at this race.
They came fro MS to NY.
Walter Schweizer came from Long Island NY to see his son Wally race. He went away very pleased and says he too will be back.
A lot of people stayed for the Enduro race which was the last race that went into the night.
This is a race to watch within itself.
Schmaling plans to run the enduros as a companion event later on in the season since it has a lot interest. Its short of a demolition derby but lots of fun to watch.[/SIZE]