The SUN Shines on Saturday Night at CCMP!!!!

:huepfen024:I know some think this is the wrong way to tell the FANs who’s is coming :fragend005:(mabe they would like to know which shirt to wear).
Here are the Drivers that have either call to get at least a slap or pre-paid entry has been mailed in. :)Sorry, if someone has something come up. But we always try to keep you the FAN informed about who they may see. If you have a better way PLEASE let me KNOW. THANKS!!!

Wayne Anderson
Randy Anderson
Richie Anderson
Art Cross
Steve Dorer
Steve Dorer (he has a second car with a GUEST Driver)
Johnny Kay
Shawn LaMaster
Perry Lovelady
Raymond Lovelady
Kevin Masey
JR Michiclael
Wayne Morris
Patrick Starpoili
Scott Walters
Tuffy Hester
Ray Derry
Patrick Williams
Martin Maresca

Now JR Garcia and Matt Cohen are testing today ,but they have not commited. Jr are has business to do on Saturday.

If someone else calls I will tell you. So if you are looking to some of the BEST Super drivers in the South!!! Come to CCMP. I will meet you at the “Salute to the FANs”!!! :sport009: Bring your book!!!

Thanks to all the supporters that believed all these years.
Bobby Diehl
Call me at 813-817-7223 if you have any questions.:huepfen024: