Rule interpretation at Columbia

It is acceptable for the second place car to put the leader in the wall if the leader does not willingly and knowling give the second place car his line of choice to pass. In such case that the leader is put into the wall and has to enter the pits for repairs, the leader will then be put to the rear and the second place car, that initiated the incident, will take the lead position without repercussion or penalty from the track.

Only if their last name is Gainey.

You must have been there.

The problem is your talking about the very same track the the Nerone’s run right? Go figure!!! Let me guess Gainey’s have money right Good ole’ Boy system.

I don’t know about money, but the good ole’ boy system is ailve and well.

Don’t know about the situation personally… But if that is the case this would not be the first time that some unusual decision was done contrary to what should have been done… Hence the good ole boy network…

But since I am not familiar with the situation, I will keep my opinion to myself…


why didn’t you just take him out behind the barn

back in the day that was the way it was done some times we did not even make it out behind the barn .

racing is racing - rubbing is rubbing but if you are gonna get down and get nasty you need to know how to do mike tyson shuffle and if you don’t know how then pass on out side drive clean work on your car but don’t be a ------------ what goe’s around comes around

that was before all the lawyers and insurance companies showed up.

wooo, aren’t things better now?

then the heavy hitter attorney firm smith and wesson

which is better then or now

was it better back when it only took once to know who you could run over spin out on last lap take off in to fence settle it right then and that guy never did it again

or is it better now politics - brother in laws - your brother or mother or papa works at track or you go fishing with owner of track or flagman .

how about you win two high dollar demo derbys in a row and flag man gives it to second place car cause he works for his papa or competion man has speed shop and he built motors on some of cars and other ones ain’t right …

one guy doe’s it this way this week and gets away with it and next week other guy gets introuble for doing same thing that guy did last week

I prefer Springfield armory or my wifes Taurus Judge.

Nickle, here is my take. Even tho it is a raw deal if the leader went into the pits he has to go tail. Anyone enters pits goes tail when coming back out. Second place car is altogether different. If he took him out he should go tail. This has been a common thing down ther lately. You need bad guys but you also have to be fair when that race is running.

Their used to be an ole’ friend of mine, his name is “Dan Wesson”… Big guy, lot’s of punch, and never afraid to open his big mouth…

ROFLMAO… HEy it used to be if someone got stupid on a continuous basis, you went out behind the Shitter, oh sorry Rest areas, and had a descriptive conversation with him…

Hmm does everyone like my politically correct version of that statement…


Have a great day all…