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My replies to CMP Late Model Race/Don and Sandy are gone and when Jane writes a reason why she locks out her thread so no one can respond.
I guess my perspective hit a nerve and hurt some feelings…

When racers/fans/and car owners see these things it just shows the true reasons/feelings/biased slant of where the real problems in Florida’s racing lies.

  1. Greedy/Selfish track owners
  2. Board moderator’s that are biased (apology or not)
  3. All the back door dealing with deep pockets…
    I’m done with this board, now I will set on my ways.
    You people speak of truths and freedoms and yet protect the very people you know are the problem. As I said, a direct reflection of todays state of America. (GREED!)
    (To blame the fans or racers for the disappearance of a sport is like Bernie Madoff saying everyone stopped giving me money invest!!!)
    Paul C. Ellis

Paul - first, my son-in-law is in Iraq also with the Army and I respect you for being there. I hope you stay safe and come home all in one piece. I pray for you and all the soldiers every night to stay safe and come home to your families. Just as I pray for all the victims of these natural disasters to have homes again so they can be with their families. I am not a bad person I assure you.

I locked my thread because I wanted no more hate attacks, nothing to do with you or your reply to Sandy and Don. I have written Sandy and told her she is welcome to repost her original post and so are you.

I went to edit one post last night and somehow deleted the whole thread which I DID NOT mean to do. So when I saw what I had done, I also deleted backdoorbob’s thread which was titled Don Nerone since it made no sense without the original thread from Sandy for Don.

I assure you that it was my fault but NOT done on purpose. I seldom moderate the board anymore at all but last night I did and I took the blame and said it was me. I could have let someone else take the blame but I did not, I was honest with everyone and yes, I locked my thread on what I posted about my mistake. But just for you, I will unlock it but if it becomes personal attacks again, I will relock it.

I respect your opinion and you were honest and said who you were. But backdoorbob made a personal attack on Don and said he was rich from racing and he alone drove off cars because of the price of tires. And I know for a fact that Don and Sandy are struggling just like the rest of us in racing to keep their track alive and have money to eat. If he were as rich as backdoorbob thinks, he would not have to work his butt off to pay his bills and he does.

Once again Paul, I am sorry for the deletion and you are more than welcome to repost your thread. It was an HONEST mistake made by me and I took the blame as soon as I had seen what I had done.

Stay safe and come home soon. God bless you and keep you in Iraq.