This Takes The Prize...

[SIZE=“5”][b]I’m sure that you have seen pharmaceutical advertising in doctor’s
offices on everything from tissues to exam table cover paper.

Well, in my book, this one should get the prize…


did you here about this science teacher

came in to class one day and sat a glass of water on table and a glass of whiskey on table …

he then took out a fishing worm and put it in the glass of water and the worm just swam around in the water and had fun

then he took another worm and put it in the glass of whiskey and it quickly begin to squirm and jerk fell to bottom of glass and died

so he asked the students if they learned anything a little boy in back of the class raised his hand and said yes he had learned something if you drink whisky you won’t have worms

fenton --FOUR are you a baptish

this farmer was out in field on tractor working and he looked up and saw his six year old son running across the field towards him so he stopped the tractor and asked his son what was wrong

and son said daddy - daddy there’s a preacher at house so father told son to run home and ask the preacher if he is a protestant if he was hide the chicken his mom was cooking cause he would eat it

and if he was a methodist to hide his wiskey cause he would drink it

and if he was a baptist to sit in his mom’s lap till he got home