Dennis Boyd

It hasn’t been that long ago that we lost him coming home one night from NSS during Speedweeks. The boys had lost their Mom and only months later they lost their Dad.


that was a great choice Cara… i miss dennis. he was such a nice man… those who have moved on to a better place gave so much to the sport, their families, and their friends…there are so many and i really thought more people would add to this list. the young man who died on the back stretch at Eastbay, ( i didnt know him personally so i have forgotten his name) Frank Firestine, Ron Dushec (sp) at CCMP died of a massive heart attack at turn 2, gosh my mind is going but i know there are so many more…Cecil Williams, Clyde Hart, Pete Orr, and recently Eddie Brann… men we never want to forget…:engel016:

carol aka OZ

I was just looking on here to see who we had lost and I saw this post. Dennis did not die coming home from NSS, He mentally died on a Sunday morning going to his shop to do some work. But he physically died many hours later when the family made the decision to stop life support.

Was told differently and sorry if I posted wrong. Heard his car had ran off the road and that is where he was found.