fascar rulebook

one month away from season start and no rulebook ! why does this happen every year ?

Thats why I am building my new car to run other tracks.

as are many others .


clock is ticking .

Or a schedule.:ernaehrung004:

Auburndale Speedway opens the 2010 season Saturday night… Come on out and have FUN racing again… Rules are available… Should have a real nice field of Modifieds Saturday night… Looking forward to it!!

might just come over and check things out . cant afford to buy different tires just yet but need to get a copy of the rulebook .

The schedule is up for OSW and NSS. No heat races and just going to assume we go by 2009 rulebook plus addendums(?).

cant see how that can happen , new e-mod class , rumor has it all last years strictly stocks wont be allowed , etc, etc . addendums wont help get your car legal to any rule changes if you dont have those either ! and last year they said they had to have a certain amount of cars to run heat races . thats not going to happen with the car count getting worse every year .fla modifieds are practicly gone off the schedual with the new e-mods . rules should be out at the end of the season so all have plenty of time to prepare and make decisions .

straigh up, I have to agree with you. Rules should be ready for all divisions at the end of the season to give everyone the off season to work on their cars. Not having heat races hurt the ones that can’t get there early enough for practice.

Rules should be ready for all divisions at the end of the season to give everyone the off season to work on their cars.

that’s crazy talk!

how could FASCAR run Speedweeks on the previous years rule book ( like they always do ) if everybody had spent the last 3 months converting their cars to the new years rule book?

no, no, it’s much better to give people one month to convert from Speedweeks rules to the upcoming seasons rules … which we don’t actually have yet.

:engel016: :grinser010:

rumor has it all last years strictly stocks wont be allowed

say what?

ALL the Strictly’s that ran last year? at which track? for safety issues? number of cylinders? wtf?

i don’t even see how that can be possible. we’ve got everything from 4 cyl FWD cars to metric frame GM’s with 350s in them. somebody has got to still be legal.

i’m not putting in those stupid brake lights, so i’m illegal just like i was all last year. :ernaehrung004:

still nothing !

And we got a schedule…2 weeks before the season starts. I would have been nice to know this 2 months ago.

“Lets have a drivers meeting and figure out why we don’t have any cars in the pits…”

…or you could read the message board and save the hassle.

ok , fascar rules are on the website . a few very good changes ! you strictly stock boys might wanna read em real close . and some are NOT going to be very happy . $ 2000 claim rule . no lincolns , sorry william ! win 5 races you move up . s.a.d.e. boys gotta pull out those 350’ s . sportsman can run underslung chassis . still on ten inch tires though . now if we can get news on a better payoff ! roflmmfao !

That sounds kinda crazy to make people move up if they win five races :confused:,unless they are just trying to eliminate the division that is…evently everyone will win five races then there will be no one left to race in that class…then they are only hurting themselves more that way eliminating drivers at thier track because most people who race that class really can’t afford to move up.

i believe the intention is to cut down the cost of the class which has gotten out of hand . its a novice division . also to stop the flagrant cheating in the class . as far as moving up , i totaly agree if your that much better than everyone else , LEGALLY , then yes you should move up . rules also state if you get caught cheating too many times , you move up . fans dont want to see the same car win every week which is what we saw last year . they stop coming to watch . a real racer doesnt want to spend his entire career in strictly stocks . they want to go faster . if they cant afford to move up , then how did they afford to spend the money to cheat up the car ? i applaud fascar for reeling in this class . its about time .

Well cheating and “legally” winning five races is like comparing lemons to apples… Now if your cheating and winning that is where the teching comes into play and is “suppose” to take care of that by dq’ing them for whatever they was illegal for…If they are caught cheating more than three times in a season I suggest they start putting them on 2 or 3 week suspensions from racing and maybe they will learn to start having thier cars right to the rules.Yes I understand this is a novice class for fastcar, why dont they make a limit of how long they can race in that class,like at most of the dirt tracks the 4cyl.pure stocks is the novice class and they can only race in that class for three years then they have to move up to another division…But I think making a driver move up because they “legally” won five races is not going to improve the division any…why penalize someone for making good achivements in thier abilty to win five or more races per season…now obviousley if they have the same winner every single week,Then they are most likely cheating… I dont care who they are, they aint that damn good,and the track and teching officials are’nt doing thier job to prevent that from happening then.