Make Carl Edwards sit out a race

That was unbelievably dangerous, hooking Brad into the wall. to win& at Daytona 2 weeks ago he turned right and got the 2 at the finish. Atlanta,:mad: he sent Brad flying.

you want to sit Carl a week for wrecking somebody’s car?

i got no problem with that.

you apply that rule to Krash-a-wallski for all the cars he’s torn up over the last two years and Bad Brad will be suspended for the rest of the season.

I can’t disagree, but that was a scary one . the 2nd impact could have been fatal.

If you dance to the music, you have to pay the piper. I applaud Carl for an honest interview, unlike the ones we usually hear from the profiling, Coca-Cola sucking clowns.


the 2nd impact could have been fatal.


every driver Krash-a-wallski has wrecked “could have been fatal”.

the fact that Krash comes off the track and lies about what he’s doing doesn’t make it “ok” somehow. because, make no mistake, in the vast majority of these cases these wrecks are intentional.

if you want an example of Krash’s blatant lies, you don’t have to look any further than last night. you listen to Brad’s post race interview and he claims that “Carl was holding me down, which he’s supposed to do. But it takes the air off the right side of the car and makes it loose so I got into him a little more than I wanted too.” which sounds good and all … until you watch the replay and see that Carl gave him an entire lane and a half on the bottom.

Krash went into turn one with the pure intent of hitting Carl in the LR, and you could see it coming watching his high entrance into the corner. Brad never made any effort to get to the bottom of the track.

this misrepresentation of basic facts, that can be disproven by any half assed examination of the tape, is a constant feature of Krash’s interviews.

Brad’s dad

Really got a kick out of Brad’s dad’s interview, saying he’s not going to let carl kill his son, even if he has to put a firesuit back on:sprachlos020:

Hard racing?

Sorry, but there are many other adjectives to describe Carl’s move, that wouldn’t paint such a valorous position.

But what the heck…Nascar seems to be cool with it.

That’s what many want to see.

(and will tune in next week for the following episode)

Its one thing to bump and move somebody but to flat out wreck them is a little over the top. If I was an innocent driver that got caught up in this I would have had a little something to say to cousin Carl.

I don’t like either driver but I like the fact that crackhead Carl has the stones to admit it in the post race interview. Sit em both, The Nationwide series is supposed to be a stepping stone for new drivers or a stumbling block for the never will bes.

That’s the difference between Carl and a champion like Jimmy Johnson! In the exact same situation when Kurt got into the left side of Jimmy and moved him for the lead, Jimmy ran him down and moved Kurt out of the way for the win, no harm no foul!
The sad thing for Carl is, he does not have a clue of what can happen in a wreck. Point in case, after intensionally blowing past Jimmy Johnson and into the wall and standing on the gas to win the race, witch he did not win. Gets out of the car and says “will I did it on a video game”. Do you think these guys trust him? I don’t think so.

As far as jimmie goes he said his intention was to wreck Kurt. He made no bones about it. As far as Carl goes he said he was not going to let Brad take the race away from him. If you are going to do the bump make sure you can take the return bump. brads dad was funny has he not watched his son race for the last couple of years. When ever you do it it is just good hard racing but when the payback is returned people want to jump and down and be mad and talk about how wrong that was.

funny funny

I like his driving style!! Reminds me of a certain black number 3 car that would push a car out of the way if need be…and we loved him for it. Anyone that puts him down must only watch what he dose and not what weski has done. At leat Carl stays hammering on one guy…Brad hits everything but the pace car. Notice how NASCAR hasn’t done much about it, because fans like to see a rivalry.

I been racing since I was 15 years old. Almost ten years later I cant hardly stand to watch a NASCAR race from flag to flag. Edwards makes me want to watch.

so every time someone bumps you in a stockcar you can go and intentionally wreck the guy?not just bump them back?hhhmmm might be like 3 or 4 cars left at the end of the race with that mentality

so every time someone bumps you in a stockcar you can go and intentionally wreck the guy?

good job there, completely ignoring all of the cars that Krash-a-wallski has destroyed in the year and a half since he joined NASCAR.

this isn’t happening in a vacuum. Carl probably owes that dipshit another three totaled cars before they’re even. Hamlin owes him at least a half dozen. and there are more than just those two drivers that Krash-a-wallski has torn up.

HAHAHA yep it’s how the late model did it at NSS like2 or 3 weeks ago. Everyone came to see a fight and a race broke out!!!:sport009:

I cant keep score of who owes who what nor do i care,all im saying is a bump dont deserve a wreck,

Carl’s move(s) clearly shows he has no regard for any of the drivers coming behind him to the flag.

Bumping/moving somebody up a groove in a corner vs turning somebody sideways down a straightway can’t even be considered close to the same scenario.

I’m sure he is well respected among his peers…NOT!

what ever happened to actually PASSING a car for position ?

and nobody thinks that brad was going up to try blocking carl??? its the last lap there is no more give and take

I watched the replay again I think Crashski was pushin and Carl’s car was loose:grinser010::grinser010::anim_pound::anim_buttkick: