Don and Rex

nope not that Rex but got u to look
I am looking for a radio show for The bone Man and me to have an open dis about auto racing. If he will come it will be a blast trust me.
some internet host jump on thes one.
Dont have to spell to do this.

Bones Big Bud
Don Nerone:huepfen024:

Will Bone man respond?

[QUOTE=Don Nerone;53326]nope not that Rex but got u to look
I am looking for a radio show for The bone Man and me to have an open dis about auto racing. If he will come it will be a blast trust me.
some internet host jump on thes one.
Dont have to spell to do this.

Bones Big Bud
Don Nerone:huepfen024:

Will Bone man respond?[/QUOTE]
I’d say about 90% chance Boney won’t reply, the same way he would never reply or meet me in person. If you see a computer screen at a race with one eye peeking around the side, that will be Boney!! Oh, for any of you that think the same about me I’ll post this AGAIN Don Woodsome 386/690-2189. Have a nice day Boney

Careful Don, you look like a dog chasing a car. You wouldn’t know what to do with one if you caught it!

I remember one night when you were a guest on a radio show. It was the famous “Big Blow in Bithlo”. The show featured yourself, Frasson118 and a few others for a “round table” discussion of Florida racing. The problem with that night was that ONE of the guests seemed to suck all the air out of the room and never give anyone else a chance to speak. Someone would ask you about the demise of a touring series, and you would give a loooong rambling explaination about the Super 6’s at Auburndale in 1982! How can we be sure that doesn’t happen again?

The last time I was on a radio show, there was one damn mike to be passed around between several guests. That format doesn’t work for me. I’ve got too much to say.

well will u let me catch the car or is tuna right. (cluck cluck cluck)

o how i want to catch that car! Dont worm around calling u out will u come outand play?
You be carefull what u wish forcc all little bonies and the tunafish
we could sell tickets for the dvd. MMA mic mad action.
Don Nerone LMFAO
serving lunch BBQ Bone and tuna fish. dont sound to good.
anyone not having fun is DQed.

You know the old saying, “there is no such thing as a fair fight”, so I certainly don’t expect too much.

What shall we discuss? If the topic is Florida racing, what the problems are and how to better it, then I am all for it. On the other hand, if the topic is to hear exactly what you think of me in various and descriptive ways, and if I am expected to respond in the same way about you, then I’m out. I’m all about discussing racing in good humor. Real conflict is not my thing, although it is sometimes necessary.

You guys create some fun reading ! A radio show with this cast might end up like a Jerry Springer show with a bunch of pushing and hair pulling. Well maybe not so much hair pulling unless it’s back hair. Haha, that was maybe a little to graphic.

We are trying to put together a internet TV show reporting on florida racing. That might make a good show. Don & Boney show. Thats got a good ring to it. Bob…

Sounds like I Don’t know how to spell Don and Smelly tuna fish are ganging up on Poor Ole bonema. Don’t worry bone!! I got your back door!!!

Don what is :Huepfen024?? your secret code

I was assured that the “discussion” would be moderated, and everyone would have their fair share of time… that didn’t happen.

To Don’s credit, I don’t recall him hurling insults around the room, and I didn’t come away feeling insulted at all.

I DID, however come way feeling like the rest of us were just a supporting cast for the show, while Don wound up doing most of the talking. Again, to his credit, he does have a LOT of experience to draw from, and therefore a lot to say.

But with all of that experience, Don seemed to have the opinion/attitude that the rest of us (his own partner Rusty Marcus included) didn’t know shit about the business. True, I have never been employed in ANY capacity at a track, but I do have over 40 years of buying tickets to sit in the stands, and have opinions of what I like & what I don’t.

Rex… I think you would do great on this subject, but there has to be a way of creating EQUAL time (or at least comparable) for each side. I did it once, would never do it again, but I’m glad I got the opportunity once anyways.

I have not done any name calling with you. And i only push back.
I have spent my whole life trying to make it better dispite people like u.
Now that i can defind my self u dont want to play.
we have can have any format u want as long as it is about racing or a choking contest.
only respond with yes i will or wee wee wee all the way home.
who wants to see it happen?

I got your back door!!!

Hey! Thanks, but no thanks! As the kids say, that’s not how I roll.

Besides, if I needed help I’d get Todd McCreary and Frasson. No problem here; no help required.

thanks 118 for being truthfull. and i do mean that. Rusty did learn and has the expeance to do the job.
I went to a lot of movies in my life but cant get the producers job.
50 years of racing
Don 62

I don’t WANT the producers job… but the producer does need to know if his audience likes or hates the product he’s putting out. The movie industry has highly respected critics who call things as they see them. Here in Florida stock car racing, we’re stuck with opinionated loud-mouths like me, Boneman, McCreary, and several others who have the guts to speak their minds about a subject we are passionate about.

None of us are always right, and none are always wrong… but just because we speak out, doesn’t make us idiots either!!!

And i only push back. B.S. You’ve stirred up dissent and lies since appearing on the this board. You are like a Democrat cantidate: when you accuse someone else, it is because you the real source.

I have spent my whole life trying to make it better dispite people like u. People like me who bring a car every week, keep my mouth shut at the track, and enjoy the sport. There are plenty of problems with in racing, but I am not one of them.

You have not answered, what will we discuss? You need lots of schooling!

any body older than dirt ought to know lot about racing

now i ain’t saying don is old . and i ain’t saying nothing bad about any one else don nerone doe’s know a lot a bout racing and engines . and he can catch you cheating , he knows a lot - and it tends to pi&& some people off

now here is were some of you are going get mad .the man has gave a lot to racing more than he can ever get out of it/ :ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:a speed way were he could do it his way

jmo but any man who has destroyed everything hes touched , and ripped off track owners and has failed at everything has no buisness in any discussion on this board or anywhere else for that matter . a public flogging would be more suitable . i do give the man credit for having the balls to even speak here when he should be hiding under a rock far away from florida .

118 i dont disagree with u on most of what u said. The McCreary, part i do. he is slandress and an as@. Do u th8ink any of those other people would bring there wife in to it. Todd did and that is what got most of this started. He was talking about Sandy and will answer for that.
Rex any time any format and i would love u to take me to raceing school.
teach me 8 cars worked good last lesson wats next?

don nerone

Don, if it is a debate-style broadcast, I can only say I hope you can string words together in person better than you can type them. I have a hell of a hard time following your posts.

As for racing knowledge it is only as good as it is applied - all the rest is noise.

BUBBA I did want to be a talk show host. I am not to bad at it.
sorry im dislexic and 62 years old. they cure it now but for me its to late.
If i type something it allways backwards and i go over it 3 or 4 times.
My ability to speak in public is fair. Great radio host fair anoncer and a good salesman.
If you want a show get bone man to take me to school on the radio.
Rex got the show do u want 1 hr or 2. we will go to jacks house and let Carol run the format.
Your kids could go to the beach there real nice there.
now is the time YES OR NO


Boneman. I think Don is trying to get you alone :slight_smile: