Let's PACK THE HOUSE this Saturday night for the TBARA finale!

The TBARA season finale is this Saturday night at Citrus County Speedway, and I don’t see one peep about it here on Karnac…:huh:

Dave Steele, Troy Decaire, Dude Teate… driving the ground-pounding TBARA Winged Sprint Cars… it doesn’t get any better than that for Florida race fans!!!

Also on the schedule are the Legends Cars, Outlaw Modified Mini’s, the always-entertaining South East Champ Kart Series, and one of Boneman’s personal favorites… the Mini Cups!!! :ernaehrung004:

A TBARA Championship and Rookie-of-the-Year Title will both be on the line this Saturday night! Let’s talk it up!

So, push the keyboard away, get up from the chair, grab the old lady, and take a drive to Citrus County Speedway on Saturday. Let’s PACK THE HOUSE!!! :aktion033:

Troy D.jpg

Citrus County is always good for fireworks with the TBARA. Hell, any sprint car race at Citrus County is a good bet.

How can you go wrong seeing winged sprint cars on pavement for only $13 admission?

Agreed, it sounds like an excellent night. I love the TBARA! For my money they are the best touring series in Florida. What other class has the majority of the winners come from so deep in the field? They invert based on points so their races are filled with competition and excitement.

No radios, no mirrors, inverted starts and no whining!

The Outlaw modifieds and Legends put on good races too…and then there are the go kart classes.

Should be big fun!

And a 50 lap Super late model race guys and gals! If you’re a race fan, Citrus is the place to be this Saturday night!

I believe there is a 50 lap SLM race there too this weekend.

jack tripper–

“how can you go wrong seeing winged sprint-cars on pavement for only $13.00 admission?”

by paying $20.00 dollars for the same show at other Raceways, that’s how.

Heck yeah! Sorry about missing some of the classes, I just realized that I wasn’t reading the schedule page right. I don’t see all the Acronyms listed in the list at the top, and I’m not a regular at Citrus so I may have this wrong, but it looks like Super Late Models, Mini Stocks, Pure Stocks and Street Stocks are also competing this Saturday night!

TBARA, Champ Karts, Legends, even Boneman’s Mini’s…all shapes and sizes… something for everyone. Bring them on! Can’t wait! :ernaehrung004:

The only time I don’t care to watch a class is simply if they only have 3 or 4 cars (and then they run a 30 lap race). :mad: Otherwise, racing is racing, and each class usually brings something different for the fans to see.

Should be a lot of fun!

If anyone is looking for a good story to root for on Saturday, look no further than Troy Decaire.

Sorry if this has already been posted, but here is a story about Troy’s 2010 racing season, that is a great read.


[I]We won all the big races in Florida, winged and non-winged,? DeCaire began, speaking with an air of confidence and direct honesty. ?I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Did I want to race? Did I want to try to find a real job? I thought about it for awhile and decided that I wanted to move to Indy.?

In an age when many racers, mechanics and professionals in nearly every area of the racing industry are moving South (to stock-car country) where many feel the opportunity in the sport is greater, DeCaire packed his bags in April and headed 1,000 miles north of his Tampa home to Indianapolis, where he felt his goal of racing cars for a living had a chance to be realized.

?My cousin and I made the move. My cousin bought a 1992 Lexus for about $700 and we raised $1,700 from friends and family and left Tampa. We lived out of the Lexus for a couple weeks before settling into a room at a buddy?s house in Brownsburg, Ind., near a lot of the race shops. Living there, I can at least wake up in the morning and see what I?m trying to accomplish,? DeCaire said, noting that John Force Racing and other race shops are almost a stone?s throw from his current residence.[/I]

Two more days until the final TBARA feature of the 2010 season rolls off, in a four-wide salute to the fans!!!

Nothing beats the sound and speed of a TBARA winged sprint car feature!


And I still think he’s the best candidate!

For those of you hanging around Inverness this morning, the Butler Motorsports TBARA team will be out at the Advance Auto Parts.

Sprint cars at Citrus!

I received a call from my good friend Shane Miller the other day asking if I would be interested in driving his sprint car this Saturday. Shane always knew driving a sprint car was on my “Bucket List”. Well, its official, I will make my debut this Saturday at Citrus County Speedway for the TBRA’s final race.

He promised a five minute crash course in sprint car driving. HAHA. I am really excited about the opportunity, so ladies and gentlemen for a one time show and a one time show only. Come out to Citrus and get a good laugh tonight, Ill be the one with the big yellow ribbon hanging off the back of the car. Thanks Shane.

T. Carreno

No offense to you Tony… But I wish I could see Wayne Jefferson wheel that car!

Geez - way to rain on the guy’s parade.

Congratulations on getting the chance to drive it…

what is that line from the old cartoon (was it Elmer Fudd, help me all, my memory is Kaput) that we can tell your fellow competitors…

“be afraiiiiiid! be very very afraiiiid”

LOL… Seriously, have a good time and congratulations…

Enjoy every minute, and remember that smile will be on your face for a long time…

have a great day all…

WOW Tony!

I sure hope you have the time of your life… want you to have a “bucket list” for about 50 more years. do not want you to kick the bucket… have a blast and be safe. i will be thinking about you…watch out for the DUDE… he is serious…lol
carol aka oz

TBRA at Citrus

Well, first of all. Congratulations to Shane Bulter for his 2010 Championship run this year. Good Job.

NOW announcer DAVE, no offense taken. I would love to see Wayne drive one of those cars, hell, I think every race car driver would love to drive one.
Jack Tripper- Dont worry he didnt rain on my parade. Didn’t get to see you last night, did you make it out there?
FLRACERGUY- You were right I did enjoy every minute, and damn if I didn’t wake up still grinning this morning. I just hope WINGER has it on tape.
CAROL- The time of your life is an understatement, and it was a blast.

To come out of the box cold turkey, stay out of trouble, stayed on lead lap and finished 12th with four wheels and tires on the car. Hell ya ya’ll might just see two modified’s on karnac classifieds next week! I would like to thank Joey the “ACE” Aguilar for going with me and keeping me calm. Bodygaurd for working on the car, Batman, Trent,Ricky, Dustin and the rest of my buddies for coming and cheering me on. And last but not least Shane Miller for letting me check that one off the “Bucket List”. Well Ive got to go now Dave Despain called wants to know if ill be on Windtunnel tonight. LOL

God Bless,
T. Carreno

I thought you did an outstanding job, way better than I thought it was gonna be! lol!

Great job Tony!

Man I was busy watching Dude and Shane to see how close they were running. And I was watching you also. I was setting with a couple old guys that are friends with the Buttler’s, they are old time racers from New England area, and South Florida area, that now live in Central Florida. They were wondering who the rookie driver in the #78 was, “the yellow ribbon”. They said the name sounded familar(sp). I said that you drove the #61 modified. Well we all thought that did a hell of a good job for a first timer. The one old dude said that he thought “you well not be able to knock the smile off his face with a crowbar”,I guess he was right! LOL. Glad you enjoyed it,we did too!

Tony, great job. I saw the yellow ribbon but I wasn’t sure you was driving. It didn’t look like a rookie. Real nice job. Seriously, you really looked comfortable. We got it on tape also. It’s on it’s way to Bob to be edited.