dirt cars by BELKEY

we do it all as long as its on dirt …if it isnt broke we cant fix it …we build them , fix them and set them up…call us with questions and we have the answers…ask for joe 386-956-9777

belkey made dirt car

where’s my t-shirt?

Belkey Built

i have a new order coming in you will get one for sure ,where is you new car you want belkey built to build we are awaiting on arrivle …call so we see what you really want to do 386 956 9777

Belkey Built '76 Camaro Thunderstock Leafsprung

Belkey Built '76 Camaro Thunderstock Leafsprung, for Scott Brumfield.

Belkey Built '86 Camaro Strut Car front clip job done for Wess.

Belkey Built '84 Monte Carlo Metric Style. This is an example of the chassis we build.

This is an example of a fabricated steel body for the Metric Monte Carlo we also do all makes and models

Belkey Built

BELKEY BUILT. give us a call for any of your needs see how we can help you today fo a great price. 388-956-9777

Belkey Built

great deals going on in the off season give us a call and get up to 10% off on metal materials …386 956 9777 …ask for joe

Belkey Built

BELKEY BUILT … sport some of our apparel get our shirts for $12.50 our hoodies for $20.00 and super sweet beanies for $12.50 …call for a order today
386 956 9777…shipping is available

do you have a shop somewhere

yes we do have a complete shop …from sheet metal brake to scales we can do it all …call belkey built when ever you need we can help …386 956 9777ask for joe…thanks


about how much to fix my door


belkey built

more than likely we will just replace it if you want a new door it would be 70.00 for a take home door, it would be out of black on black aluminum ,but if you want us to take the old door apart build new door build new side skirting and install every thing it would be somewhere around $150.00 just give us a call so we can chat,and see what you want…thanks belkey built 386 956 9777

what would you charge to make a metric monte body for a hobby stock i have all my own material just need you to bend the body panels for me.

Hello I would like a price for you to build me a race ready street stock? I would also like to know how much it would be for a race ready mod mini to be built. If you could can please give me seperate prices. I am trying to figure out what would be the best way to go. Thank you.

where r u located

deleon springs fl

What Would You Charge To Build A Thunder Stock Like That 238 Car??

a race ready or a roller ? just give me a call 386 956 9777

Phone mailbox is full

Joe, tried to contact you but your mailbox is full.

i thank everyone for looking at my cars i have a buch more jobs that have been done lately and have many more pics but everyone knows how hard it is to post pics so if you would like to see more stuff go to my face book it belkey built or my personal joe belkey …again thank yall for your business and time…386-956-9777 ,joe call anytime