Attention all Open Wheel Modified Drivers $1000.00 to win

Next Saturday night Nov 20 Punta Gorda Speedway is having a 50 Lap Open Wheel Modified race. Its a $50.00 entry Fee with $1000.00 to win. We will also be giving 5 gallons of Sunoco racing fuel to the furthest pull and 5 gallons to the fast qualifier. So make your plans to be here Saturday Night Nov 20 to try and win the grand!

Team Punta Gorda Speedway
Greg Roeback

What is the pay through the field?

The phone is ringing looks like there will be a good turn out for this one.
Call the speedway at 941-575-7223 for a slab. Thanks to all who support us.

Greg Roeback

Oh, cripplecreek PGS pays the highest purses in the state, you can bet on it.

So why not list it and get more cars to the party?

I have been wondering why they dont put the whole purse up thru the field I know it use to bring more cars to the track when I did it. I understand it may be the best pay in the state but as a driver still need to figure if it worth the while to drive that far to race>

I asked the same question for the last truck race and did not get a answer so I left my two trucks home and some other drivers did too if PSG had just answered the question on full payout I would say they could have had 5 more trucks at least.

Gary Laplant

I don’t think its the highest purse in the state…

Citrus County Speedway is having the Eddy Brann Memorial
12-11-10 and it pays $1500.00 To win!!

That’s like a lets see 50% MORE than your grand!!

And don’t have to buy YOUR tires for YOUR track only…LOL…

That’s My .02 cents on it…,

Big Daddy 2

Your 100% right on that.

Gary Laplant


Might want to do your home work before you put your foot in your mouth about best payout in the state at PGS.

In the past few months Auburndale has had a Open Wheel Mod races 1000.00 to win with no entry free and only 40 laps which paid well thru the field

Gary Laplant

And Citrus has the entire payout for the Eddie Brann memorial listed…

It’s a shell game at PGS. They won’t post the payout because then they can’t change it later. Only 1 guy wins and gets the big money, but everyone else still has the same fixed costs to come race. Be fair and put it out there!

I can tell you from racing there this year they have paid well thru the field. Would be interesting to see this payout considering what they paid for a regular race. I’ve never understood why tracks charge an entry fee for a race then all they do is raise each spot what the entry fee was. Not really paying me anymore to race you’re just handing the entry fee back. As far as the Eddie Brann race goes that race means more to the modified guys than what it plays us back.

Scooter 71 said:

I’ve never understood why tracks charge an entry fee for a race then all they do is raise each spot what the entry fee was

I never heard of a slab fee or an entry fee until I came to this state? Um, shell game anyone? The challenge was issued. The statement was made. Now produce the full payout for the world to see. Otherwise, it’s all talk. Is it that big of a secret?

If I had the best payout in the state I would be posting it every where I could. To get the word out for the drivers to see and the fans.

Gary Laplant

Amen to that Gary! Either someone is incompetent, or someone just doesn’t want the purse put out there.

Airing out my view from the trees !

I can not believe all the hype here Florida tracks put out about special or big races paying a whole $1000 - $1500 to win. When I moved down here in 1985 I had been used to most of the tracks in the , Ky, Tn, Il, Mo and In areas I raced in regularly paying $1000 wins weekly.
You generally could run a minimum of 3 nights weekly and often 4 nights a week. Any special or big race paid a minimum of $2500 - $3000 to win with most setting on the $5000 or above to win mark.
1 or more of these races were within my participating range every month during race season from mid March thru early Sept. Most tracks even ran heats which generally paid $150 - $200 to win and paid back 5 positions.
When I moved to Florida I was introduced to $400 - $800 feature wins and the tracks acting like they were giving the best deal in the world besides not even paying anything on heats. They cost as much every lap to run as it does features!
What a joke and what suckers the tracks here make out of all of us racers. The make all the racers the clowns that put on the race and the show for them to promote plus the racers get to foot the bill to do it and they basically get a boot in the butt for a thank you !
What would the promoters have to promote and sell if the racers did not show up ? NOTHING ! This is the whole reason I have done very little racing since I moved to Florida. I am not putting on the show for somebody else to reap the benefits of it not to mention the racers risking their life and injury to put on a show.
Florida has shown me the worst racing I have ever seen and no wonder it is so hard to put fans in the stands when most tracks only get enough racers to show up to play a follow the leader game at most tracks and generally very little 2 - 3 - 4 wide racing as seen up north regularly.
I never wrote such as this here before but it is about time somebody did ! Let the tracks do what they are supposed and put on a good show. You put up the money and stand behind it the cars will be there and the fans will come! NASCAR has done it about 40 weekends a year for numerous years and still growing.
In one of the most populated states in the USA, there is NO reason why Florida short tracks should not be able to do it too if they are run right ! Tracks and promoters need to do their job if they want a good car and fan count and not rely on the racers doing it all by paying slab rentals, outrageous pit pass fees and often entry fees to " Special " races.
I NEVER had to pay that fee in over 20 years active racing. I NEVER heard of slab fees till I got in Florida either and still be connected some with midwest racing it still does not happen there either as of 2010 ! Aired my view anyway !

Glad to hear somebody stick up for the racers for once:ernaehrung004::ernaehrung004:

What a lot of people loss sight of is that you drivers are the entertainers of the race show. It take both the track owners and driver working together to make the great race show for your local track and a Saturday Night.

I am begaining to think Florida Racing has lost a big sight of this. Its really a big shame.

Gary Laplant

Totally agree Gary. No drivers, no show. And it’s Thursday and still no full post of the payout through the field.

I know when i was race director i would post the full payout on a big race at least one week ahead of time if not two weeks I really dont get it any more what some are thinking.

Gary Laplant

If you don’t want to run this race, then don’t. If you do, then race. They own the track, not you, and they can run it any way they want.

I, for one, am happy with the new management at PGS. The old general admission price was a ridiculous $20 for adults. The new admission price for adults is $10. The old pit slab amount was $10, the new one is $5. Practice used to cost $10 per head on Friday nights, now it’s FREE.

The new management is getting it done.