slicks on mods?

just a question
since the open motor modified class at new smyrna and speedworld is strugling (usually half the cars are e-mods) would any of the guys who quit when they went to the treaded tire (bruns,fountain,etc.) come back and race if the open motor cars ONLY ran the 10 inch f-45 on their 8 inch wheels?
personally i would like to see this. the way i see it if something is not changed to bring the open motor guys back the class won’t make it. the e-mods seem to be picking up but what is the point of having 2 mod classes that are basically the same. I know people will say they will be faster than the supers! Who cares if they are faster so be it the class needs something?

Asphalt mods nationwide (not all places…but) were ruined when the IMCA rules were thrown out.

The guys with money will always want the fastest tire the expensive this the expensive that. It is so much easier to buy a victory than earn it.

Mod tire problems

The mods need to be put back on the original IMCA rules that the class was originally based on with cheaper hard tires if you want to get any cars. They are designed to be an economical stock front clip car and not an open motored modified that needs continuously better tires to hook up the high HP engines. How long does it take tracks in Florida to realize IMCA Mods are the largest class of cars in the country. Make them what they were intended to be for economical racing and cars will return if you stay with it. Before motor and tire rules were allowed to price mods out of range for the average person’s pocket in Florida there were plenty of mods to race. Let those wanting better and better tires for their high HP engines go race NASCAR mods where that stuff belongs. Why do you think IMCA Mods are the largest and most successful class in the country anyway? It is due to the economical costs! I can not see the ideas of running $10k plus engines plus expensive quick wearing race tires for the $400 - $700 feature win that only 1 person wins. Where is the common sense anyway ? No wonder most do not want to run in that situation.

Looks like im not the only one that thinks NSS and OSW has a problem with cars. In order to have a modified race they have to have some of the e-mods join in as a filler…They should give the e-mods double pionts each night they do join in so fans can see a decent race…

Mav you are right. To a point. But it is too hard to backup. And don’t forget, unless they have changed they, IMCA, let’s them run Alcohol. Wouldn’t be a bad idea either since it is about 1/3 the cost of Gas. I’ve got a friend that runs a Vintage car on Alcohol just for that reason.

That’s what they are trying to do with the E-Mods and it isn"t working. Case in point (myself). My car has been sitting exactly 1 year this week. Why? Thats when they went to the airplane tires (ever notice the similarity in looks?). In the middle of the season no less!!! Can’t get it to bite on slicks so how the hell is it going to bite on those tires (i"m talking orlando. Don’t run NSS that much). I admit I have a pretty good pump in my car (probably too much for Orlando). But the fact is I’m tired of building engines. When I started out, I built a “Legal” IMCA type engine because that’s what the rule was. Then came you could build stroker engines. I built one. Then came the 7 pound per c.i. rule. So I built a 350. Then came the no more 7 pound per rule but you could run aluiminum heads with no penalty, did that too. And then back to the 7 pound rule. That didn’t bother me that much (only had to add 6#). Then the tire deal and the E-Mods came along. The tires we were told would last longer and be cheaper. They both cost more and don’t last longer. Talked to some open engine guys and they said they still buy 4 new ones each night they run. Might last a couple nights longer on the E-Mods, but look at the power difference. I got engines stacked up like cord wood that I can’t do s@#t with. Can’t sell them. Nobody wants to give anything for them (and they all have good stuff in them except for the original one. But it was all new). So i"m tired trying to keep up with the Jone’s!!! I’m not going to buy a Crate engine or build a Super Stock engine (besides lost the guy that helped me with engines, the only one I trusted, 3 years ago). So I parked it-them (I actually have 2 mods). The 10 inch deal would be good as long as they leave everything else alone, but make some safety changes. Such as spindles. Too hard on stock bearings. But then again the Sportsman and Super Stocks run stock spindles. Then that would give the Supers a outlet to get rid of their takeoff tires just like they did before they changed the Sportsman to 8 ingh tires (we all know how well that worked? Where are the cars?). Granted there wil be the one’s that still buy new ones. Unless they put a depth measurement rule on them. That’s the way the Super Stock class was at one time when they ran 8 inch slicks. At least that gave us Modified guys a outlet to get rid of our tires. The tube clip deal doesn’t bother me. Just put weight on them (whatever the weight of a stock clip vs. a tube clip and add it to the front). If they wanted a true E-Mod they should have had them run on a full stock type chassis, front to rear. No tube clips, no quick change. stock suspension, front and rear. I have heard that one local chassis builder get between $15,000 to $20,000 for just a roller!!! Some of the cars run the E-Mod class. Where is the Economy in that!!!

So that’s my opinion. But we all know what opinions are like. I"ll be the first one at the gate if they go back to some sort of slick for the open Mods (might do that Wednesday night to see how it works). But then again I am saving a whole bunch of money. I’ll just have my own private Museum.

Have a Great Memorial Day!

The emods outnumber the mods 2 to 1, if not more. Something must be working. Good job FASCAR for allowing a purpose built racecar with a economical motor. That’s where the dollars are saved. I don’t care who builds a modified, when you add up the parts the bottom line will be close. Running racing parts instead of streetcar crap saves money in the long run. The emods are a success. Get over it.

yea the e-mods are working . I am working on getting another one. if it wasn"t for fascar letting the e-mods run with the big mods on a friday night at orlando the big mod class would have maybe what 2 cars showing up .the e-mod class has grown and I have talk to a few guys that have said they are going to get into the e-mod class . if you look at how many e-mods we have total out there that pretty says how they feel .thats why there running e-mods . the guys that don"t show up because there mad or what ever your not helping your class .So don"T complain when the class is gone or the track has closed doors .

                                     Randy Froehlich

                                      e-mod 8

The only reason right now is because of the TIRES!!! And it isn’t 2 to 1. Like I said earlier, us guys with open engines are tired of building/buying engines. Last time I went to Orlando there were only 6 E-Mods When I parked mine a year ago we were getting 10 to 12 at least every Friday night at Orlando. Sometimes more. So how do you figure. Tell you what EZ, buy all my open engines and i’ll build a e-mod engine. Bt the way do you have a dog in this hunt??? And why haven’t any the other tracks around gone to this engine concept (Auburndale, Citrus, Desoto, Punta Gorda, 5 Flags)? If you don’t have a car in the class, keep your comments to yourself. You bitch about almost everything that comes on this board anyway, good, bad or indifferent! At least this way we would have 2 different classes of Modifieds, ones that run and sound and haul-ass like a REAL modified and one’s that sound like a taxi cab and need a egg timer to time.They don’t have to run every week (the open one’s), at least once a month would be fine with me. Tired of all the changes.

If slicks fix it then everydriver that would support this move should maybe post on this thread that they would support Orlando and/or NSS if they changed. Who else? Fountain and Bruns have already made their opinion known. So thats three. Any others? This is an opportunity for drivers to be heard. I don’t have a dog in this fight, just offering a suggestion.

Just the facts Dave.

You say that last year when [I]you[I] parked your car there was 10-12 open (make alot of noise so must be faster)mods every Friday and you would be happy if they only ran once a month?Well in 2010 they did run once a month and here are the results found on Speednet Direct:
4-23 8 cars
5-21 10 cars
7-9 3 cars
8-6 2 cars
9-17 3 cars
10-8 5 cars

So far in 2011 Speednet Direct has posted:
Loud mods:
3-18 8 cars (3 being taxi mods)
4-1 7 cars (3 being taxi mods)
4-15 4 cars (1 being taxi mod )
4-29 7 cars (2 being taxi mods)

Taxi mods:
3-25 11 cars
4-8 15 cars
4-22 10 cars
5-6 14 cars
5-20 11 cars

I crew on an E-mod team and I think its a great class.In this day and age it helps the drivers to bring the cost down.Personally I think they should keep the E-mods out of the open mod races so the track can see the real numbers and then make a decision based on the true numbers.At least for Orlando cause I don’t go to NSS but once or twice a year.Maybe keep all the open mods up there and leave all the rice burner mods in Orlando.

Oh yea,let them run slicks cause I want to see how many races the guys complaining about the tire switch will show up to.Prob only one or two a year like before the switch.If they switch back to slicks the new thing will be that they are the wrong brand or too soft or hard,8 inch and they want 10 inch or the other way around.

Open mod 50 this Friday at OSW lets see how many taxi mods are there and where they place,at OSW a taxi mod can beat some of the big mods.Come on Dave dust off the 38 throw Chad in it and show those taxis what a big loud kick ass mod can do!!!:ernaehrung004: before there all gone :aetsch013:

dd38…A TRUE racer doesnt give a damn what tires they are on as long as their all on the SAME tire…They’ll even race on “airplane tires” as long as everyones running them…He races because he loves to race.

Displeasure for a change that was made has your car parked…not a tire. Your on principle…they are trying to keep modifieds running at the tracks. While you may not agree with the the decision to start an E Mod class…The only other option is not only do you have a motor you can’t use, now you have a car you can’t use either.

If you can’t win on “airplane tires” odds are you can’t win on slicks either…Until you try nobody will ever know…I have seen your car win on slicks, so go back to being a racer and race and quit making it about the tires…your a better racer than that.

my original idea was for the open motor cars to run the 10 inch tire on their 8 inch wheel. not go back to an 8 inch slick. the supers and limiteds at this point do not have anywhere to get rid of their tires. i know the guys with money are going to buy new ones but you might not have to have new ones all the time because you have more tire to begin with.

Sorry, simple racing math.

More tire=more horsepower=more money

Not a great growth/business plan in todays economy.

The late model scuffs are great in theory until you have the 2-3 teams that show up every week and buy new tires.

Again…this is all simply my opinion…

dd37, why yes I have a dog in this hunt, more than I care to explain cause it really don’t matter. I was going to do the car counts but I see someone already posted the facts. Just because you don’t like the emods don’t give you the right to keep bashing them. There are some really talented guys racing them and your constant complaining and insulting their cars is pointless. I heard you also have a super, why ain’t it on the track ? It ain’t on airplane tires.

The emods are awesome, thanks to all emod drivers and FASCAR for putting this class together ! Maybe next year they will can the mods and the emod title and just go with FASCAR MODIFIEDS. Like the wise Tunaman preaches, nobody likes a 3 car race anyway.

I’ll go ahead and give you his excuse for the Super…spec motors…again another economical decision made for a class. Always an excuse not to race or a reason to lose…Dave just go race…your better than this…I believe that!

don’t have a dog in this fight but…brp had 30 mods show up to run on dirt for a regular show. big, loud, taxi cab it didn’t matter they all RACED and put on a show for the FANS!!! just my opinion… everyone has one.

5/14 11 - citrus had 21 mods on 8 inch hoosier groved tires for a regular show . punta gorda also gets close to that number each race . yes theres quite a few that would like to be back on slicks but that doesnt stop us from racing . no way ! maybe theres other issues keeping cars away .

EZ which one is your car?? Use your Real name SO i CAN CONNECT THE DOTS. The e-mod class is fine. And like I said before I am just tired of keeping up with the Jones’s. If I had no engine I’d probably build one. The point of the post is the tires.

Luis. You posted stats from 2010. Did you notice on 5-21 and the drop after that? What about 2009? That’s when they changed the tires (5-21). That’s the last race we run and we won it (JOSLIN race). If you want to buy some Airplane tires for my car I’ll run it this Friday. It’s sitting there ready to go. BUT I AM NOT BUYING ANY OF THOSE THINGS!! I didn’t realize that the e-mods run rice burner engines (toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc).

Tim, WHOEVER YOU ARE? I’m glad you know so much about me for me not to know you. Let’s get one thing strait right now. I WAS NOT AGAINST STARTING THE E-MOD CLASS!!! WHO GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO SPEAK FOR ME!!! Do you have a Modified??? Probably not. Probably not even a car. Just another spectator racer!

Rusty was just throwing a idea out there and I thinks it makes sense. I’m for it. To cut down on teams buying new ones, put a depth rule on them. I’ve got another idea but I’m not going to mention it on here. If a track official wants to hear it i"ll tell them.

As far as the Super, and again WHO GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO SPEAK FOR ME!!! That is a concept that was good until FASCAR and some of the other tracks ruined it. Yes my car is underpowered (against a “Spec” engine). I’m not going to go race unless it has a remote chance to win (i’m not a Bruce Everett, may he rest in peace, or someone who is content just riding around making laps and getting in the way). That is certainly obvious at NSS. I have a decent engine for what it is (and it was 1 of 3 engines only allowed back then. Now it’s 1 of 4), except it is not compatable to a “Spec” engine. It was initially. Answer this Tim. why do the “Spec” engines get to run a 750 (and I use 750 loosely) carb during the regular year and twice a year they have to run a 390 carb (Speedweek and Governors Cup)? There is definately a performance difference if you know anything. I’ve seen it on the Dyno.They were suppose to run a 390 from the beginning, ALL THE TIME (can’t wait for your answer on this). And why does the FUPS Series make them run a Governor plate? Must be something to it. Maybe Rusty can weigh in on this since he has been around a Dyno a lot. The “Spec” engine is a stroker also. Not a 350. What happened? And when has the tracks ever tore one down to check it? Any track. Yea it is a economical engine, but I cannot plunk down $15, 16, 17 grand , or whatever the price is this week, to buy one. Plus at the time I was dedicated to my engine builder (friends since 1976) and I couldn’t come up with a reason to give my money to a total stranger, all because he wasn’t a approved builder. I rather put food on his table instead of a total strangers. But that don’t matter since he is no longer with us anymore. Also a “Spec” engine means it has to be built to specific rules. So anyone should be allowed to build one, as long as it meets the “Spec’s” and the person would be willing to tear it down. As far as a “Spec” engine, every class has a “Spec” engine because they are built to the class rules/SPEC’s. So why in the Late Models are there are only approved builders when other classes don’t (Super Stock, Street Stock, Sportsman, Mini Stock, etc). I’ll just have my own private Museum. It is available “By Appointment Only”. Free admission.

First of all, Dave is right…you are all missing the point of the thread. I think there should be more of a difference in the mods and the e mods…the tire is the biggest problem…Put the big mods on bigger tires and let them run whatever shocks , transmission etc they want…I would still like to see them go to the SK mod rules and chassis’ but they definately are horrible to watch race with those tires.
As for the treaded tires…and this is going by what we have seen at NSS, haven’t raced them anywhere else yet…THEY SUCK!!! They were meant to last longer, be cheaper an new ones weren’t supposed to be that much better…WRONG!!!They can only go so fast, Now I can see using them on the emods to help differentiate from the big mods but for the big mods or the sportsman, they suck( we do have an emod)…they are junk in the second week, you can’t really soak them and the cars are a second or more slower. When the sportsman were running the 10 inch slicks, we would get take offs from the late model guys and left side tires out of the junk pile, soak them and get 4 more weeks out of them…now we have to buy new tires and they last 3 weeks tops and really suck the third week. We have won the sportsman champioship 2 years in a row and probably did not buy more than 8 new tires over the two year span and that was two at a time. Now there are no take offs, people are still buying new tires every week (that will always happen until they inplement a one tire a week rule for local classes) and we HAVE to buy new tires or just not race.
Now at smaller tracks it may not be such a big deal but I still think the big mods should run the 10 slicks and whatever you have and leave the emods on the treaded tires…change the sportsman back PLEASE!!!