buy your way

There are some people that can be bought it will sprise the hell out of you who thease people are . Instead of putting on good tight racing and bringing in fans that way they think it is better letting people that sponser the track run what they want. because they spend more money at the track.NOW THATS THE WAY TO BE FAIR AND I DONT KNOW HOW THEY KEEP THE TRACK RUNNING AND WHY PEOPLE EVEN GO THERE TO WATCH A ONE CAR SHOW

WOW!!! How much do you think they paid?

I’m going to out on a limb here and say you need to find a different hobby…In this day and time EVERYONE in this industry is working for next to nothing to keep this sport alive. And per your above statement…you basically go and call them a whore on a message forum that most FL racers read with absolutely NO proof of what your saying…

22 You dont get do you?I dont think there is a he or they that pays anyone off there.YOU JACK ASS.That sponcer pays the track and then some off that money is there to pay you when you go to the pay ignorant bastard.Now thats how this works.You will sit back and bash a sponcer for helping the race track and drivers?Again you where all wrong on the way you conducted your self in tech and for that the old boy made it through AGAIN

does the owner of sade drive the 95 car? or any of the other 10 cars at that matter

i guess he just works there what i was told

22, so now you want to bash a track sponsor. That has to be the lowest thing I’ve seen done. You need to move on. You are only making things worse for yourself. The SADE people are great for racing.


You know I sit here and read these posts, but I just happened to be at NSS last week and honestly Mr. 22, and frankly you should be thoroughly ashamed of your actions. The way you and your entourage acted was horrible and needless to say not good for racing and not the brightest thing to do in the first place.

None of my business, but you never verbally and physically threaten an official, not too mention push one. Despicable. If you have a problem, take it up to management the proper way, using a level head and clear mind… Don’t go pushing around an official especially one that has a disability.

Quite honestly you should be suspended for at the very least 2 weeks or more, and forced to do a public apology to the official(s) you verbally and almost physically accosted before you are allowed back. Remember, you the driver are responsible for your actions as well as all of the other people in your crew and/or company.

I do believe that this may heat up here…

If we have to deal with this issue like this, can we not deal with it in a somewhat reasonable and professional manner… It is done and over… We all know that their are problems at our local tracks, and I don’t mean just the one you race at… Every one of them, whether they are asphalt or dirt they all have difficulties and problems… Now I am not sticking up for anyone or anything whatsoever… But you might take a minute to fully read the rule book.

Mind you these are just a couple of examples of the rules that we are all supposed to read.

Page 6 of the 2011 rule book states that

A: You must be in the Top Ten (1) and on the lead lap to have the option to protest.
B: Protests must be made in writing specifying the rule(s) considered to have been violated.
C: TIME LIMIT: All protests must be filed within TEN (10) minutes after the race ends.

And then on page 8 of that same rule book.

A. Every car owner/Driver at an event is expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.
B. Every Car owner/driver is DIRECTLY responsible for any person(s) deemed to be associated with his/her car at the discretion of FASCAR Officials. Any Conduct violations committed by these individuals will be charged to car Owner/Driver.

Now I could go on and on on page 8 and 9 of the rules book, but I won’t because I do believe we are all capable of reading it for ourselves. Do I get upset when I see things wrong that are not addressed, corrected, and/or fixed. Yes I do, but that doesn’t mean that I get upset and create a scene. Now I may vent and spout a bit, but I pull my self up by the shoe strings and deal with the situation that is there…

And mind you I feel damn lucky that we even have short tracks to go to, because things are not always the rosiest financially for anyone these days.

heres an idea for you


Racer 22,

I very much resent the fact that you bring your trash mouth on here like you just did! You may (and probably do) act and talk like this in front of your friends and family but some of us on here have children and grandchildren that frequent this board! Might I suggest you visit a track that supplies soap and allow someone to pressure wash your filthy mouth! You are disgusting! Oh, and yes, I attend races with my family and yes, we occasionally hear this kind of garbage but this is a public forum and surely you had time to think for just a minute before you came on here with this trash! You ever hear Aretha Franklins song? It’s call R-E-S-P-E-C-T ! You got any???

Racin 22 Boo

You should be ashamed of yours self. And this is not you personal crybaby page. I hope they suspend you the rest of the year!!! Maybe i’ll send this to Jimmy Spenser and let him give you a crying towel. SHAME SHAME

And some people think I am a problem. I can’t believe this guy has not been banned. Yea, the racetrack and KARNAC. What a looser.

The Feminine Hygiene Apparatus known as racing22

"do why dont you go fuck off if they didnt there job in tech this shit wouldnt of happen itold them level headed as you say about this car and they dont say shit so when the one tech to me to just fucking go back to me car it set me off it dont matter where i finsh it that car is cheating bust him thats all there is to it the tech say look at the rule we can change them when we want WTF that dumb so if the person sucks ur dick or sponsers the track it run what you brung "

Folks, re-read the quote above(if you can stand it). Have you ever seen a more moronic rant than this? I sure don’t view myself as the second coming of Einstein, but I do know that when I’m trying to get a point across I make a real effort to use proper grammar,punctuation,spelling and syntax. I won’t even get into the truly vulgar language. Sure, we all slip occasionally and drop an “F-bomb”,but this? The stooge seems to think he’s been done wrong at some point. Maybe he has,maybe not. But after reading this pile of dreck, the only thing for sure is that he’s committed credibility suicide. Schmucks like this give racing a bad name. Pathetic,no? Damnnnnnnnnn,son…

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WHEW I got that off my chest!!! :slight_smile:

Eric… For once in your life… Reread what I typed… I didn’t respond negatively… I just pointed out the exact sections which other people have mentioned… If you wanted to talk trash to me, great, but NOTICE that my name and number are available at anytime to anyone on EVERY one of my posts… I’ve known you for several years and If you want to spout stupidity and senselessness go right ahead… The funny thing is that unlike you, I have to keep up with the rules from more than one track and more than one class… I do and when I don’t know something, I pull out the rule book from that track/class and verify it… By the way, those rules I quoted are very similar at every short track every where. Hell they are even similar in the big leagues…

And notice, I didn’t say anything about tech… Have I felt that things could go better sometimes when I am in tech yes… Do I get upset and act like an imbecile no… Make threats all you want Eric, I have never personally done anything to you in fact I even helped you a few times… Oh well for racers helping racers like we are supposed too…

I wish you the best of luck in whatever form, if any form of racing that you do in the future. You will find that things are very much the same all over… There is always someone that feels that they have been wronged in one way or another at every track. That is just part of the hobby/sport that we all enjoy.

Have a great day and I hope all works out for you…

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WHEW I got that off my chest!!! :)[/QUOTE]

Dang it Rusty… Your spelling has gotten better… Congrats on that…