Keeping Up with the Joneses....

OK… A kid by the name of Erik Jones wins the Governor’s Cup at NSS in just his second SLM race…
So, let’s see how many drivers with the last name Jones you can think of, where and what they raced…
I’ll start it off with five names and you guys fill in the blanks!!

  1. Parnelli Jones (1963 Indy 500 winner/Trans Am champion etc. etc.)
  2. P.J. Jones (Parnelli’s son who had most of his success so far in IMSA and other sports cars)
  3. Page Jones (Parnelli’s other son who was badly hurt in a Midget crash a few years back)
  4. Buckshot Jones (Picked for NASCAR superstardom and went nowhere)
  5. Davy Jones (Indy Car and Sports Car racer best known for running the Castrol Jaguars in the 80s-90s)

Honorable Mention: The great racing photographer Jim Jones!!!

Dave. Are we talking about the same Erik Jones. The Erik we know from up north has been running supers for a few years now. He has run ASA, PASS, CRA, The World Crown and numerous other late model races around the country.And now he won the Governors Cup. If it is that Erik, it ain’t his second start.

Check his Drivers licence.

Check his Drivers licence. Someone said he was 15 years old? Still a hell of a feat. Sure was good see you and Dustin at Homestead. Good luck in the search for funds to go RACING!!!

This is the same Erik Jones that just won the CRA Champinionship. He is a good kid. Good head on his shoulders and a he’ll of a wheel man. But his second start. I don’t think so.

Yeah Bobby. It was really good to see you also. If you want to put some of that energy to work promoting Dustin you let me know. It was a very productive weekend. Made some really good contacts. The best thing was I got to talk to every driver that I know personally. Well except Brian Vickers. We never saw him. Bobby, you remember when Dustin won in his 3rd start at 15 years old. They said a 15 yr old should not be allowed in a super at that age. I guess times are changing.

Let’s see

  1. Possum Jones

  2. the infamous " C.O.JONES" :grinser010:

For all the info on Erik Jones go to his team website which is

Eriks own words to me, said it was his 2nd SUPER Late Model start. He’s been in Crate equipment until now.

How about former ASA racer Tom Jones, the “Zero Hero”.

Also, 1940’s-era musician/entertainer Spike Jones was an owner & sponsor of several Midget racecars just after WWII.

Booker T Jones was the northern modified equivalent of Wendell Scott. He was the only black guy in the field, and faced a lot of prejudice. He eventually became not only accepted, but very well liked by most. He continued to provide wrecker service to the local tracks for many years after he hung up the helmet.

Almost forgot the most famous of all… OSMOSIS Jones. No need to go over the numerous wins and track records THAT guy holds.

P.S. - He does suck at showing for BBQ’s though…

FYI. A “SUPER” denotes what type of chassis it is. It has nothing to do with the motor. You either have a SUPER or you have a limited. The series he won was a SUPER series.

I have a SUPER with a crate in it. I have won SUPER Late Model races with my crate. Does that mean we have never ran a SUPER?

This was Erik’s 2nd race in an actual Super Late Model… He ran the Rowdy race at Berlin earlier in the year in a Pro Late Model that was slapped together to run with Supers but this was his 2nd start in a full-blown Super Late Model…

His first start was at Gresham for the World Crown 300.

He made his Late Model debut at New Smyrna during Speedweeks.

Alan Jones won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1980. He is Australian.

Levi Jones drives a sprint car for Tony Stewart racing

John Jones drove sports cars and Indy cars in the 80’s and 90’s, most notably driving for Jack Roush when he was in road racing.

Former busch and cup series driver Buckshot Jones…

MR South, I am pretty sure they are referring to the fact that he has not driven a car with 600 plus HP under the hood. You are a pretty knowledgable guy (most of the time) I am sure you know there is a HUGE difference between 400 HP and over 600HP when driving a racecar.
You don’t have to have a whole lot of throttle control in a crate car at NSS compared to a big motor. I have driven both there and trust me, not the same animal. And I can’t drive a lick, more of a wheel holder but again, the crate cars are much easier to drive.

He’s 15 don’t be a hater

Fred, Don’t get me wrong. Like I said, the kid can wheel a super. All’s I am saying is that the kid has been wheeling a super for over 2 years. The first time I saw him I knew he was the $hit. That was 2 years ago. Since then he has beat some of the best guys in the country. Look at the guys he beat in the CRA series. He ain’t running a crate in the CRA series. Those spec motors are way stronger than a crate.

I’m just saying that the kid didn’t just jump out of a gokart and into a super at his second race. He has been running them for 2 years. He’s got a bunch of starts in a super.

Chris Jones…Camping World Truck Series!!!

Norman (Bubby) Jones sprint cars.

I’m Jonesing already!!!

[SIZE=“4”]Man the inks not even dry yet and I’m JONESING for the NASCAR NEWS:
Is David going to get a ride?
Is Reagon staying at Roush?
Is Childress going to realy drop to three Teams?
Is Brian Vickers lastest driving style hurt him?
What about RED BULL???
Is Danica going to find a sponsor for the other 26 races???
Man it’s only 90 days away!!! How BAD have YOU GOT IT!!!
Gooooo [SIZE=“6”]NASCAR [/SIZE]GOooooo!!![/SIZE]


mr south the jegs cra series that jones won is a crate late model series. yes they have the same chassis but they are not super late models,they are crate late models. there are 2 series in the cra series for late model type cars 1 super series 1 crate series.