Racer Nicknames

What are some of the coolest ‘nicknames’ you have heard.

This week at BRP i heard a cool one for the first time

“The Highside Tickler”…Kyle Strickler

Jimmy “smut” Means

“Nasty” Mike Nazarak

“Critter” Malone

Bobby “scruffy” Allen

“Fast Freddy” Rahmer

Leland McSpadden “The Tempe Tornado”

Larry “boom boom” Cannon

Rick Carelli “the high plans drifter”

George Snyder “ziggy”

Danny “the flyin hawaiian” Ongais

Mike Duvall- Flintstone Flyer

Donnie Moran- Million Dollar Man

Shane Clanton- Coconut

Don Oneal- Real Deal

Dave Scarborough- The Little General

Fast Freddie Smith

Duwayne Hommell- Hollywood

Lance Dewease- The Weasel

Jimmy Owens- Newport Nitemare

Steve Francis- The Kentucky Colonel

Jack Boggs- BlackJack

Rex Hollinger- The Boneman

Ivedent Lloyd- The Professor

Johny Collins-Locomotive

Howard “The Hammer” Osteen

“barefoot” Bob McCreadie
Brett " the jet" Hearn
Billy " the kid" Pauch
" Liquid" Lou Cicconi
Greg " sticks" Lenoard
“Fast” Freddie Stutz

Gary “Hot Shoe” Balough (spelling?)
Jammie “The Jet” Tamano (again, spelling?)
Steve “Hemroid” Dielman
Tom “The Duck” Duckworth
Bobby “Captain America” Coyle (BTW, one of the greatest drivers ever)
Carlos “Torpedo” Alverez
Joe “Windshield” Winchell (Again, one of the best drivers EVER)
Larry “Rodeo” Rogero
Mike “Battleship” Blankenship
Bobby “Hubba Bubba” Shelton
Ronnie “Manatee” Bacelo
Teddy “Bufa” Barnwell
Danny “Mad Dog” Maddox
“Super” Mario Gosslin
“Fireman” Mike Powers
“The Fox” Randy Fox

and the one I made up for myself, David “The Dream” Weaver

See you next week at New Smyrna “Speedweeks”

Matatee Bacelo! I’m sure he loved that one.

How about “The King of the Infield” Joe Saip
“The Travelin’ Man” Robert Hamke
“Pistol Pete” Luefkins
“The Owl Man” Mike McCreary
“Santa Claus” Ron Lynch

So many of the S. Florida names came from Chip Green.

Curtis “Crawfish” Crider

A.J. “Super Tex” Foyt

David “The Silver Fox” Pearson

Mike “Hollywood” Franklin

Randy “Hondo” Fox
Cheryl “The Pearl” Weaver
Wayne “Rocketman” Jefferson
Troy"Batman" Robinson
Johnnie “Action” Jackson
Mike “Hobo” Hovis
Mike “The Punisher” Crooks
James “The King” Dubose

From Florida City Speedway:

Stan “Eyeball” Irwin (short form of “The Flying Eyeball”)
Ed “Jabber” Bowling
George “Chops” Sweeting
“Tweety” David Hollinger
“Greasy Mike” Carnavale

“The King”

The KING of the Hialeah and West Palm Beach Fairgrounds Speedway, [SIZE=“4”]BOBBY BRACK![/SIZE]

my nickname is “cupcake”…and that is a 100% true story

BUZZIE REUTIMANN!!! i think all the Reutimanns have crazy nics. they are a fantastic fun family and tease each other all the time… i think Pookie is one. (wayne Jr.)?

SMOKE the rushville rocket


John Sugar Bear Burg
Donnie Tanner The Riverview Ridge Runner

austin the iceman kirkpatrick
the magic man mark whitener

I’m TOTALLY shocked that not one of you has mentioned the Florida legend, “Tricky” Dickie Anderson.

Mark “Captain Sizzle” Malcuit
Spud Murphy
Buzz Buzby from the old Melbourne/Eau Gallie days
I saw one Tommy Duckworth mentioned; the nickname I remember was “Ducky”.
Charles “Red” Farmer
Flyin’ Bryan Wescott
Mike “Magic Shoes” McLaughlin
“Jaws” - ol’ DW
“Ironhead” - ol’ DE
“Million Dollar” Bill Elliott
Neil “Soapy” Castles
Big John Sears
Dewayne “Tiny” Lund (who was something 6’4" and well over 260 lbs…)
Jack “Do It” Hewitt
Doug “Moose” Hewitt
Chargin’ Charlie Reagan, Glotzbach
Little Bud Moore (not the car owner)
Fast Freddie Lorenzen (or, the Golden Boy)/Freddie Harbach
Jumpin’ Jack Johnson
Wild Bill Slater/Revard
ol’ Pops, Curtis Turner
“The Rapid Roman” Richie Evans
Kenny Wallace - “Herman”
“Rusty” Wallace - whose first name is legally Russell
“Mr. September” Harry Gant
Oh - there’s only ONE king of stock car racing in my mind, and as much as Brack was that much better’n Anderson some times (look up how many feature wins each has…), ol’ Richard Petty hisself is the only KING I know in these here see-dans :slight_smile:

Is there any driver, NASCAR or otherwise, that has a good nickname any more?

showtime Jimmy Blewett
Jack Cook. punky

Jumping Joe Winchell

I hate nicknames.

Well, hate is too strong a word, I guess.
I just think they get too frivolous and hackneyed with them.

I believe nicknames should have to be well-earned over a career behind the wheel and not just tagged on to someone’s name because some announcer blurbed it out over a PA system to try and liven up a dead show.

What’s the greatest social faux pas a racer can make?
Standing at the driver’s meeting with his nickname emblazoned on the sleeves of his driving suit and standing next to the guy with the same nickname…awkward moment…

It’s so hard to give credibility to a man with the nick name of Osmosis Jones when he say’s he hates nick names. LOL

Some of my favorites have been mentioned. (Jumping Jack, Magic Shoes, The Jet) So I’ll try to touch on a few others I like.
Super CD Coville, many claim the CD stands for “Crash and Destroy”
Dangerous Dan the Stock Car Man, aka known as Dr. J, real name of Danny Johnson
“Air” Horton to commemorate his flying trip out of Talledega, or was it Atlanta?
AJ Slideways, for Alan Johnson
The Hurricane Steve Paine, Hurricane is one of those popular nicknames.
Mert “Socks” Hulbert
The “Franklin Flyer” Billy Decker
The Pink Panther, Chuck Akulis. one guy who could drive a pink car and win consistently. No one ever made fun of his car color.
Tim Fuller, The Empire Executioner
The Rapid Roman Richie Evans

All of these guys are from the North East and earned their names. Trying to think of some locals and can’t really think of many. Locomotive and Magic Man have been mentioned. Ivedent Lloyd is “The Professor” and that name is definitely earned. Kyle Bronson I’ve seen called “The Killer” and Jeff Mathews is The Repo Man. Ah, I can’t forget Christian “Cheddar” Augspurger.
Slammin Sammy Swindell