BRP eliminates 4 week avg start procedure,why?

Just got back from vacation and noticed on the BRP webpage that they are no longer doing a 4 week avg (high point cars to the back) to determine your starting position. I thought the fans would of liked this, and it would put asses in the seats. Does anyone know why the change.

The slow cars were causing too many wrecks early in the race(at the front of the field) and a lot of good cars were getting caught in the carnage.

[QUOTE=swede;106193]The slow cars were causing too many wrecks early in the race(at the front of the field) and a lot of good cars were getting caught in the carnage.[/QUOTE]So? The fast guys in back can’t drive through the slower cars, or what? Or do they just not have the patience to work their way up?

For years, we started at the back of the field(s). 28-plus cars every week, on a paved quarter-mile, get to the front in 25 or 30 laps. Our drivers used the high side PLENTY of times to work up front. Had 14-20 different feature winners every year.

I know as a race fan, I want to see the fast guys work traffic from the back. I don’t want to see a parade.

Doug, Some drivers complained, others said nothing, and a couple of the previous weeks winners were happy to have come from the rear of the field to win, including Buzzy I assume, and Shirlene.
However, some of the modified drivers threatened to boycott the track if they continued with the procedure. Bubba caved in. It’s a bad precedent. Once the drivers start dictating policies the track is doomed.
I don’t really understand but I guess it’s because that type of procedure was used in the part of the country that I came from. I guess I was used to it. I can’t understand why a team would complain about having to come from the rear because it might tear up their car, when they pull into the track in new 1/4 million dollar hauler for their car and backups. Then threaten to boycott if something isn’t changed. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Actually, I understand it. They aren’t real racers.
Ironic in a way. I just skimmed an article in the past weeks Area Auto Racing News and notice a track in the northeast is doing away with that same procedure and going to a pill draw. Many of the drivers up there are upset they are doing away with it. LOL Go figure.

When I ran Sunshine back in the day, they did the 4 week average. They would only invert the top 15 with the high point average starting 15th and going foward to where the 15th place started on the pole. 16th on back started where they were in points. 16th in 16th, 20th in 20th and so on. That to me worked good even though my 4 week average was high (12th, 14th, a couple 15th’s).

Well Winger, if that is the reason why, i retract the praises i was giving BTLS for having the GUTS to do it in the first place. I must admit, i have lost some respect for the CRYBABIES also. Jimmy McKinley made a good point about PATIENCE, some drivers try to win the race on the first lap.
You are right about Buzzie, he told me he gets alot more satisfaction racing up though the field for the win,instead of starting up front. dd38, you are absolutely right, Sunshine Speedway did a 4 week average and it was some of the best short track racing you could ask for. Well Bubba, the bottom line is…you had a good thing going for the FANS, you have let them down.

Yeah Doug, I asked him why he stopped it. That was the reason he told me. I didn’t ask for names but have some ideas. Most fans prefer some sort of inversions or handicap system. Many drivers do also, for various reasons. Others don’t. There were complaints about some slower drivers who tend to wreck, starting in front. In actual practice, it really didn’t prove to be an issue except for the one modified race, where the leader spun in front of everyone. The Sunshine system DD38 mentioned might prevent some of those issues if only the top 15 were inverted.
Some have mentioned going to a pill draw or even having the heat winners draw numbers after the heat races. I’m not such a big fan of draws. Over the years, I’ve noticed that some drivers just seem to have good luck when drawing for position. Others can’t seem to catch a break. I know the rules of mathematics say this shouldn’t happen but it does.

Bubba has been doing it right all along and I hope this decision doesnt hurt him but I think he should have kept it the way it was. As a fan I want to see the skill of the good drivers make it to the top from the rear, puts on a great show! As far as Boycotting, I think he has the power now to Boycott them, he has a great show, great track, great crew and payouts. This place is electric!

Tweak it, don’t end it. If inverting the top 15 puts a hazard on the pole, then change the number. Invert the top 8 and the pole car will be better.

I guess the dirt track drivers need radios afterall. :sprachlos020:

Just another step in the pussification of racing. Drivers don’t want to have to earn anything anymore. They want it handed to them. Last Saturday at Auburndale I got in a wreck and had to go to the rear. Lined up around 10th halfway thru the race. Made it back to 3rd by the time the checkered fell. I have won 6 races this year and that was the most fun race I have had all year.


I have always raced with top 12 invert up north and we never had any cry-babys. We ran 30 lap features, normally 16 to 20 cars. Like was said the invert was 12 and the rest started in position they qualified in. Myself , my son and a lot of other guys won features from the back. When I moved down here in 93, Charlotte County was running a 4 week average points invert and it worked out good, but now it seems all the tracks here in Florida like to start the fast guys up front, to me thats not racing that is watching guys follow each other. My son won a $3000 late model main event race a few years ago, his response was it is not very hard or rewarding when you start on the pole. He raced some ARCA trucks last year for a guy and they have the top qualifier roll 3 dice for the invert and that seemed to work good too. My most boring race I ever seen was at PGS, late model fast qualifier was 4/10 second faster than second fastest and he drew the 1 pill, started on the pole and of course won. I just don’t understand these promotors…

The TBARA sprints invert 12. No mirrors, no radios, no problem, and they put on the best races in Florida.

I used to respect Bubba and go to his track often. this decision will change my plans for this weekend. I will go elsewhere, just not interested in seeing the fastest guys start up front and hope they have trouble so someone else gets a shot. Its called racing, I can watch cars go by on I-4… Caving to a few crybabies starts a slippery slide into mediocrity. Sorry I have to miss the Powell Memorial but that’s ridiculous. Where else are they gonna run for the kind of payouts that Ocala is offering? Let them boycott, you may get more cars to replace them once it gets around that high dollar teams aren’t running the show.

Backrow, I don’t believe their decision is going to change the Powell at all. I don’t believe there were plans to use the avg start procedure for it initially. This weeks races are UDLMCS races so they will run time trials and start the heats with the fastest up front. It always makes for boring heat races. I wish they would change that policy but it’s the way they do it. I believe the first year or two they (UDLMCS) ran, Mike would not let them run the time trials there. He finally capitulated to the series for their races because it was their deal. It’s not usually such a big deal for the extra distance features though. The track usually changes enough that a fast qualifier might miss the setup for the feature. Unless the track blackens over, it gives even the back markers a chance to pass.

When I was withthe series the top 8 would draw pills on the front stretch, not sure how it’s being done now. Always thought the 4 week average deal made for some great racing.

Rick, I think they do the same. That’s for the feature though. The heats are started according to time trials. Unless, it’s changed.

The slow cars are going to be lapped. One way or another the fast cars are going to have to deal will them. BUBBA should walk the walk if he’s gonna talk the talk. Let a few fast cars boycott Ocala, it will make for better racing. I shouldn’t have to race another man’s wallet anyway.


So if a bunch of fans call for a boycott of bubba’s track will he bring back the 4 week avg.? Hate these money teams that can’t win unless they start up front. No patience, and trying to win the race in the first two laps. Have seen it at Palatka, and at bubba’s 1st hand. If things don’t go my way, i’m gonna take my ball (racecar) and go home. lol

They went back to the old format last night. Kyle Bronson started on the pole and led every lap… “NUFF SAID”:smilie_bett: